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  1. Ok, sorry if theres other threads like this, but from what I've seen, an updated thread seemed necessary.
    So heres the deal. I'm looking to get this setup (refer to 3 links below), but shipping from GC adds an extra 40 bucks to it. Thus, I've been checking out some canadian websites. The thing is, this bong has an 18.8 joint with a 14.4 adapter to a 14.4 bowl. The ashcatcher is also a 14.4, which i planned on fitting over the adapter. then I was going to buy another 14.4 bowl for it.
    Heres the thing. In looking at this canadian website, I found a bunch of bongs with 18.8s using 14.5 bowlpieces. If I buy one of these, could I still use an 18.8 bowl? If I do go with my original one from GC, would the 14.5 ashcatcher still fit the 14.5 socket, and would the 14.5 bowl fit the 14.5 ashcatcher?
    I guess the real thing in question here is whether smaller joint sizes fit in larger joint sizes well, if its beneficial to use a bowl with a smaller joint size than the opening, and if there would be any problems connecting a bong with a 14.5 joint to a 14.5 ashcatcher and then to a 14.5 bowl.

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    Nope... if you're looking at a 19/14 low profile downstem setup, it just means that your pipe is designed for a 19mm downstem fitting. Since it is low-profile, the slide joint is sized for a 14mm slide fitting.
    Joint sizes are pretty universal... whether GC or Canada... but that ashcatcher will fit any 14mm slide joint... so you can use it with a 19/14 downstem setup.
    IF you go with a natural perc/90 degree/"stemless" design that is equipped with a 19mm slide fitting, you can most certainly use a 19mm ashcatcher or whatever without the stem. Natural perc designs are usually equipped for a 19mm slide fitting, leaving the use of a downstem optional.
  3. you can remove the stem from that specific ashcatcher, which would allow you use a 19mm slide without the downstem... but that specific ashcatcher is also equipped with a 14mm slide joint and thus, would not fit into a pipe with a 19mm slide joint.
    They do make adapters though... 14 to 19, 19 to 14, male to female, male to male, female to female, 45 degree angles, 90 degree angles... whatever you need, there are adapters out there for you. Make sure you get joint clamps though! Unless you have a particular love for whatever 19mm slide you have in mind, it's probably not worth all the hassle...

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