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  1. I've recently been thinking of purchasing a bong (Percolator Bong Pink - Black Leaf) and the joint size is listed as 18.8mm/14.5mm, what does this mean exactly?
    In general I know what joint size means, but i'm always confused about things like xmm/xmm, and xmm>xmm.
    I was also thinking of purchasing a carbon filter (Carbon Filter Adaptor 14.5/18.8), and i'm wondering will it fit, the joint size is (there is only 14.5mm in stock)? Also, do carbon filters filter out THC at all, or anything else in bud that I don't want to be filtered out?
  2. Thats a good question. But no it will not filter out any THC from the smoke. Sorry but that's all i can answer for now. Keep Blazing!!!
  3. In this case 18.8mm is the size of the female joint on the bong. 14.5 is the size of the female joint on the downstem. If the carbon filter says it's 14.5/18.8, then 14.5 is the size of the male joint going into the downstem, and 18.8 is the size of the female joint where you would put the bowl. But if that bong is the one that comes with the ashcatcher you will need to buy a new bowl to fit the 18.8 joint on the carbon filter.
  4. Oh, the carbon filter isn't 14.5/18.8, that was just the name of the item, because you could buy it in 14.5, or 18.8, but it says... "Matching top and bottom joint, choose 14.5mm or 18.8mm when ordering" so i suppose this means were I put the bowl is 14.5 if i order a 14.5 one.
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    Yeah if there is only one number in the size selection then both joints would be whatever number you order.

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