Joint Size 18.8mm > 14.4mm ?

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  1. I am about to buy a bong with a joint size 18.8mm > 14.4mm... what does that mean? I planned on getting pre-cooler with it and it is listed as an 18.8mm joint size. Can the precooler fit into the bong in that case? If so, will the slide that comes with the bong also fit back into the pre-cooler?

    Your help is appreciated, as I want to be ripping this bong soon.

  2. the joint where the downstem is 18mm and it reduces to a 14mm for the slide. The pre-cooler wouldn't fit,the bong would have to be a 18/18
  3. bigger bore = more airflow
    grab an 18/18 downstem/diffuser
    they sell adapters if you need to go down to 14
    incase you find a slide you really like
    that way ur not limited to just 14

    grab an 18mm disc diffused slide or ice pinched slide too
  4. whats the difference between 18.8mm/14.5mm and 18.8mm>14.5mm?
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    oh > & / interchangable lol
  6. oh ok. well on grasscity for bong options there is a 18.8mm/14.5mm and a 18.8mm>14.5mm so i thought they were different
  7. i saw that recently. after my post lol. not sure.
    but 18 is 18 and 14 is 14.
    if it says 18>14 or 18/14, its the same thing. theres no third option there for a reducer. it either reduces, or doesnt lol

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