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joint rolling.... help :O

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tokin on Boris, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Iv been herbing for about 2 years now, and have never really needed to learn how to roll joints, as my friends always do it [lazy i know :(] or we session the bong instead, but over the past few days i decided enough is enough im going to learn.. so iv learnt how to roll Js but theres always a few problems with them meaning im not getting 100% satisfaction from my creations and i was wondering if you guys could help

    1st thing is that they dont seem to pull very nicely like theres not a lot of air getting through, meaning not much smoke is getting through

    and 2nd problem is that there always loose at the roach end and therefore a bit floppy, i push the herb down, but theyre still floppy :confused_2:

    any ideas, thanks
  2. keep on rollin..

    with time...

    with time....
  3. ive been smokin for 5 years now, my best friend is my J.O.B rolling machine. you can find one at most gas stations and most head shots 2.50$ everytime rolls it perfect everytime doesnt matter how big or small...

    and btw i know im lazy but i really dont like hand rolled joints
  4. i thought that would be the anwser, was hoping there would be a quick fix anwser to the problem however, so that i could be puffing a nice fatty tomorrow :(

    thanks though

  5. yeah iv got one of those but although easy to use i find them poor, my joints usually come out as thin as spaghetti, and they take like 2 mins to smoke before you have to roll another one
  6. It's either too tight, or you're not breaking it up enough if you can't hit it. And you might be making the end too wet with your lips (at the risk of being banned or beaten I won't use the typical term.)
  7. ive found the more you try the worse it gets.. if i am short for time and i just throw some weed in a paper and roll that shit up it usually hits great, if i sit down and take my time and try to make it perfect, its usually worse or no better than..
  8. It's probably too tight. Are your lips forming an airtight seal around the end of the joint?
  9. I am having similar problems. I cant tuck the lower edge of the paper without it becoming loose.

    And also, please stop suggesting people buy rollers. THAT IS NOT A SOLUTION TO LEARNING TO ROLL A JOINT.

  10. thats probably the best advice yet, get a G of some dank, and get some papers, and re roll that joint over and over until you can do it the same everytime
    ( find your own style of rolling)
  11. Or just empty a cigarette or two and practice rolling the tobacco.
  12. Visit the Sticky Thread on How to roll a joint!
  13. I remember when I first learned how to roll I could roll good as hell. Then over time you kinda get cocky I guess and you don't roll as good. When I learned how to roll I bought a bag of that TOP rolling tabacco that came with a free pack of papers and I rolled a bunch of cigs. Then I took all the cigs and sold them to hobos, lol. Made a couple bucks and learned how to roll to boot.
  14. I cant roll a joint for the life of me man lol
  15. you mean oppiset to white lipping
  16. Rolling Tobacco is alot easier than rolling weed though.

    As for me, I grind up my weed really fine with scissors, usually for me when I roll it's going to be .5g-1g.

    I take a paper out of the pack and roll my self up a tight filter using cardboard

    I put the filter in one end and fill the rest up with weed and than roll the paper up and down a few times and pack the weed down with my finger.

    Than I roll the paper starting around the filter as tight as possible and the rest will follow, I can choose which way I roll, cone or straight.

    Probably not the best way to roll but everyone comes to me in the circle to roll the Joints, others try and than fuck up so I always have to roll. The only down fall is sometimes my Joints come out so tight there hard to get a toke off so then I have to loosen them abit.
  17. A high quality rolling machine will solve your problems.
  18. #19 Jinxx, Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 19, 2008
    What's funny about that whole "negro-lipping" thing though, is I've never smoked with a black guy who wet the joint. It's always the white kids who do it. So the term should be something like "honkey-lipping" instead.
    Oh, and to officially contribute to this thread, this is to the OP: I used the dollar bill method. What you do is grind your green, crease a dollar bill about 3/4 of the way down, and hold it vertically with the smaller flap pointed up and towards you. Fill the "valley" with your green, then stick a paper on the longer back side of the dollar, sticky edge up with the sticky film facing you. Then pinch the whole operation together and use your thumbs to roll upwards. I hope that helps.
  19. I never liked the idea of a rolling machine, it's really a lot of crap to carry ALONG with weed and papers and stuff...

    I kinda suck at rolling, end up with horribly loose joints. So I recently learned the dollar bill method. I've GOT to reccomend it. Perfect joints, and theres always someone with a dollar bill on them.

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