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Joint question?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FormerlyBlank, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. I'v heard somewhere that if you smoke a J you dont get as much of the THC as if you smoked the bud outta a bowl. I know theres the obvious.... thing with the J going still while you arent hitting it, but besides that is there any significant difference with highs? (so if i smoked a .3 joint would i be as high as i would be if i smoked a .3 bowl) Im a cheap ass smoker =] Thanks
  2. Man roll blunts bro. If you roll it well you can get it to burn super slow, where the difference between that and a bowl wouldn't be much. Plus, the resin builds up on the paper which gets you extra fucked
  3. Aright man thanks, but how hard is it to roll a good blunt? I just starting rolling j's awhile back, so im by no means a experienced roller.
  4. Blunts are way easier than J's. All you gotta do is slice down the middle, slide the tobaccy out and put in your weed. It's easy to lick back together too bro
  5. It's been scientifically proven that joints and blunts allow for maximum THC inhalation. BUT the catch is, you would have to constantly inhale for that to be true, as if any smoke is lost as side stream (the smoke that comes off the cherry), it renders the joint or blunt less effective.

    Also, to correct an above poster, resins don't get you higher. The only left over THC in that stuff is minimal. It's the nasty goopy carcenogens that can't stay in gaseous form long enough to make it to your lungs.

    If you want to argue the above fact, please state your source, mine is:
  6. blunts are easy to roll than joints.
    i rolled joints for like a month to get relatively good.
    i rolled joints for like a week to get relatively good.

    just get a dutch.
    lick it. cut it. gut it.
    then be careful and pull the actual leaves off the inside paper.
    keep them to the side.
    rip the inside papers glue off.
    fill with weed.
    roll like a joint.
    seal it, doesnt have to be super tight or pretty.
    lick the real leaves, both sides.
    roll it around the blunt with good pressure.
    do this over the entire blunt.
    burn it a bit to dry it out.
    and enjoy for 45 minutes if you face it. :smoke:
  7. What do you mean when you say leaves?
  8. Thanks man
  9. alot easier than joints dude
  10. QFT.

    Joints are great imo, it's a lot simpler then a bowl. And I just love sitting down with all my kit (Grinder, Paper, Cut etc...) and start rolling away, it calms me down.

  11. I personally like joints better, too. I love the act, taste, and atmosphere that smoking a joint creates as opposed to smoking out of some sort of bowl. A lot of my friends like to take massive hits out of a bong, and kind of make it into a contest. I like to take my time, smoke a joint, and really enjoy myself.

    I know a lot of people say that there is a big difference in what amounts of THC you are getting from which smoking methods, but it really doesn't matter. As long as the method of consumption is combustion, you will lose, relatively, the same amount of THC and other chemicals. Vaporizers, consumables, etc. are a completely different story.
  12. Elen, Buddy, i agree completely. Getting a new stash and pouring it all out with your papers and shit all ready is a great feeling. And like you said buddy, theres a entire different feeling to smoking a j.
  13. If you say you're a cheap smoker and if you're low on weed, the bowl/bong is definitely the way to go. When I'm running low, I tend to whip up a homemade bong.
    But I picked up not too long ago, so that's not a concern and I'd prefer to carry joints instead of a stem and water bottle anytime I feel like blazing.

    But I still prefer bongs over joints because even with the better weed, joint hits are always even a little harsher than bong hits.
  14. ^^ That's right mate, +rep ;-)
  15. Same to you =]
  16. #16 fvaambush, Aug 9, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2008
    Unless you know how to roll really good joints your going to be leasting at least a small amount of weed when you roll it in a joint

    .7 in a joint for two people would be straight, but if you bowl it you could get 3 people high off of .7 alone easy

    blunts waste even more weed... which is why I hate rolling them except on certain occasions when I'm in the mood for it
  17. Joint, blunt , or bowl.....the only way you are going to reduce potency is if you spend an hour breaking the pot up in your fingers.

    The stuff that gets you high, the THC, is on the outside of the plant matter itself. So when you break up your grass, a little sticks to your fingers. Not enough to take away from the potency of what ur smoking though.
  18. I'm going to read that in a minute here but I know first hand that roach weed gets you high as fuck. I've never been so high off of a small amount of weed...

    The key is to take the weed out of the roach, instead of just popping the whole roach in a bong/pipe

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