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Joint Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Konix, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. just wondering, if you dont use a roach (filter) on the end of your j, do you just leave it as is or what? It seems youd get absurd amounts of bud in your mouth if you dont. Do you twist it off as well as the side you light? Thanks in advance everyone.
  2. If you dont use a crutch you jus leave it as is. Too prevent weed gettin in your grill just pack down the weed at the mouth piece. Also. You dont have to twist it. I usually only do it if i roll a joint but dont immediatly smoke it... But with blunts twisting the end just makes lighting it a task...
  3. after rolling the joint, twist one end up, and use a pen or key or something to pack the bud down on the other end.

    if you twist it on both ends, how are you sposed to inhale?
    think about it
  4. nicca....use a rolled up piece of keeps ash and weed from gettin in ya mouth...lets you smoke ALL the weed without burnin your figners...and prevents end from geting sealed shut becuase of resin and spit. just use a filter...makes it a lot easier.
  5. Did you even read the thread?

    I usually give it pinch for shape on one end.
  6. you twist both ends; then rip/cut one end a bit and use that side to inhale on while you light the other end to enjoy your J. if your smokin with people who know whats up you wont have to worry about tons of spit on the J.

  7. i just rip off a piece off a business card and roll it up as a nice roach.. if i wasnt using a roach i just make the side im smokin from really narrow so no bud gets in my mouth
  8. I always use a good piece of paper and make a "cut", as we call it.

    It is so much easier for smoking and giving shots to other people!

  9. I jus use that little flap of carboard from the pack of cigarretes where it folds under at the top....Perfect Filter
  10. one of the things i do when i dont feel like making a filter for whatever reason is i stick a toothpick in the mouth end and twist around the toothpick a voila.. take the toothpick and youve got yourself a filter..

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