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Joint out of cigarette?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by PatrickTheToker, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. I have only smoked like 2 joints in my life. I really want to smoke a joint tonight instead of hitting my bowl, but the roads are terrible here (snow storm) and I don't feel like going out.

    Can I empty the tobacco out of a cigarette and use this to roll the joint? I only ask because I don't know if it would make it any harder to roll, or if it would burn to fast.


    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  2. I was gunna ask this question yesterday but i found that it would be a really small joint .

    if you want you can carve it out and then stuff it again with broken up weed
  3. Yes. You can empty out the cig, poke out the filter, mix little bit of tobacco with weed, put in the cig, pack it in good, cut off excess paper, roll up like an index card in place of the filter for a roach, and there ya go.

    /runon sentence
  4. Yeah it will work. Just empty it out and then drop the weed into the empty tube. Be sure to rip off the filter.
  5. ^
    what he said

  6. Just wondering...why do you have to rip off the filter?

    cause it filters out the thc?
  7. yeah you can do it but i found that it burns to quickly and is kinda small
  8. People claim it filters THC but not one has ever came up with a source.

    Filters are made from cellulose which is the same thing they make those clear rolling papers out of so I dont believe it would absorb THC.

    But you might as well be safe and just pull the filter out and roll up some cardboard to put in its place.
  9. Ok thanks everyone. I'm going to try it, if it burns to quickly I'll just put it out and pack it in my bowl..

    Are you sure about the filter thing? I thought I read somewhere that they were made out of fiberglass (Marlboro at least)

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  10. just use a piece of your cigarette pack for a filter man, roll it up real springy bigger than the width of the cigarette then squeeze it in there so it holds tight..

  11. thanks man . and yeah OP they prob contain fiberglass too cause cigs contain a bunch of shit filter or not

    but im guessing that cellulose is just the main factor
  12. lol, Spliffin' a cigarette
  13. make sure the weed is ground up nice and good.
  14. back in the day me and my friends used to have cig joints all the time
  15. Meh, personally I'm not a fan, I feel they burn a little too fast and I dunno, I just don't like it :p but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do ;)
  16. Marijuana Ciggerette.
    I mean honestly, I've smoked it from just taking out the tobacco and replacing it with weed.
    Didn't burn slow for me. Burnt as fast as a joint would....
    I never both taking the filter out either, I find no point, and I think it made me high a little better with the filter.
    Maybe its just me.
  17. ive done it before heres what you do

    take cig and cut off filter with a knife.
    gently roll the cig in ur fingers so the tabacco starts to come out and start picking it out and stuff.
    when theres not much tobacco left put the end of a pen threw to push the rest out.
    put a roach in 1 end.
    start filling after every pinch pack it down with the pen
    fill it to almost top then twist and boom!

    it can burn good somtimes my last 1 sucked but my first 1 burned awsome
  18. They burn way to fast for my liking :(

    I need these to make a good joint...


  19. The source is the fact that it doesn't work. Go pack a cig with weed and see how high you get buddy.

    Pour out tobacco mix 75/25 weed/tobacco repack use tweesers to take out filter and replace with a homemade roach
  20. ur right lol i barely got a buzz when i left a filter on 1 doin it and i cut hte filter off second time and got blazed

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