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Joint out of 90% trash and about to smoke it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Userguy, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Lol I have no weed and I have gotten so used to smoking a jay before sleep that I had to try and make one. So what happened was that I took my little box where I store weed and I took everything out and put all the dust i got out of it on a piece of paper. There was some weed there actually but still almost nothing, I expect I'll fell a maximum 10% of what I usually do but hey, I'm desperate. Whats the most desperate move you guys made to smoke one :D?

    PS: I'll go smoke it in about max 20 min and I'll report to you guys back soon how it was. Oh and did I mention I also used stems in the process, lol.
  2. Man, that's being a junkie right there. lol
    Also, stems can cause headaches.
  3. I would probably rather not smoke than smoke stems. but thats just me. I always hide bud from myself when i have plenty and in times of desperation it holds me till i harvest or buy more.
  4. Find some rug nugs bro
  5. I went in my trash the next day to retrieve half a blunt, the police came som I had to toss that shit, but I got it back! Btw it was my garbage outside, not just any garbage lol

  6. Thanks for the info. The part about stems kinda surprised me. Is it possible if I smoke it and go to sleep an hour later that I could wake up with a headache?
  7. fiend much?
  8. Not too sure about that really.
    Not everybody gets headaches from them but me and a few of my mates do.
  9. You may feel worse than you do now from not smoking, after you smoke that. What you're feeling is the habit of lighting up and smoking..kind of like a cigarette smoker. You won't be high for any amount of quality time, especially when you're used to blazing everyday.

    I feel you though.. nothing like running out of herb when you want it.

  10. Honestly I rather smoke it anyways and suffer cause at least time will pass faster. Otherwise I can't wait to get my eight tomorrow :D
  11. There are plenty of other ways to make time pass faster that doesn't involve inhaling things you really shouldn't be inhaling...
  12. [quote name='"DeadRock"']
    There are plenty of other ways to make time pass faster that doesn't involve inhaling things you really shouldn't be inhaling...[/quote]

    ^^^ exactly

  13. yea, for real.
    you are sounding like a crack head fiending for his fix. chill out and go chill with some friends.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. wow you'd be better off not smoking

    i know people who puked off garbage weed cuz they were so used to good shit all the time
  16. i would rather just drink myself to sleep.
  17. Hey guys, I'm back and all I can say is WTF. I mean literally WTF. This has to be one of the top 10 joints I smoked, seriously. I just went out hoping I'll get anything from it. I lit up and Inhale like always, and already the first THE FIRST FUCKING INHALE got me high. That has never happened to me before (except if the joint was already started up ofc ^^), and not only that, but it was one of the best burning joints I have ever made, I only had to use my lighter once to get it burning :D! In the end I smoked it like a normal joint and enjoyed it! :smoke:

    Even my best expectations didn't prepare me for this, lol. The first joined I ever rolled when dry on weed, and it actually gets me high like a normal one, lol I'm so happy! :D

  18. Placebo much bro. That or you have 0 tolerance, which isn't likely because you said you smoke 1+ j a night.

  19. outta hardly any kief and stems? I call bullshit..
  20. Placebo or not. He got high didnt he? it worked.

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