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Joint or Pipe?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by snivlem16663, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Well, I've got about two bowls left. I've already rolled it into a mid-sized joint and I could either smoke it like that or take the weed out and smoke a couple bowls. I want to get as high as possible and not waste too much weed. So should I smoke the bowls or the joint? By the way, it's Northern Lights. The first time I've ever gotten a specific strain.
  2. When I'm trying to savor my weed, I use a bowl and make sure I cap it with my finger or lighter to stop it from cherrying.
  3. You should definitly use a bowl. Like ^he said just cap it off so the cherry doesnt burn while your not hitting it. A quarter works good though I just use the side of my lighter.
  4. Alright I'm going to use my bowl.

    Thanks for the advice.
  5. what joint said pretty much sums it up
  6. I personally find joints/blunts more wasteful then bowls on adverage. I tend not to smoke them less the social part in groups.
  7. Bowl will get you twicee as high as the joint would have.
  8. well, despite the fact that you have probably already smoked your weed out of a pipe. There are some interesting facts that you have to consider next time:

    1. You have already ground up and rolled your bud, thus reducing its thc content, so even if you split it and put it into a pipe, you effectively already reduced the quality of your weed.

    2. there are SOME health benefits to smoking out of a joint, mainly that you don't have to constantly reignite a joint as opposed to a pipe. Reigniting has shown to have more combustible materials in the smoke, thus making it more toxic than if you were to smoke it out of a joint, which maintains a lower burning temperature than initial igniting.

    Keep this in mind friends when considering your health, of course, by 25, I think that most people should stop smoking altogether and either quit or get a vap. Personally, I'm gonna get a vap.
  9. But smoking out of a joint you have to inhale all the fumes from the paper, which contain tar. Lots of tar, which are bad for you. and Pipes don't contain tar.

    imo a pipe is healthier than a joint

  10. I find your research to be bogus as hell!! Never, EVER, just put a nug/bud in a bowl & start smoking. A grinder is a must!! Plus grinding will fluff your weed up & not be as wasteful.
    When you just jam your bowl with a bud intact, you're not getting the full amount that's in the bud into your lungs. Fluffing your weed does not decrease the THC in your pot & anyway, you oughta be bonging it.
    Bongs = the most economical & the fastest way to get ripped outta your skull. And after 37 yrs tokin, I've done my research. Now vapes are all new to me & I can't say either way with them, as I've never tried 1.:hippie:
  11. using a grinder ensures that the lost resin glands accumulate into kief at the bottom of a grinder. I had assumed that when he had rolled his joint that he did not use a grinder but simply used his fingers, which would indeed rub off the resin glands of the bud.

    also, I would like to make note that I never said anything about not breaking up the bud before putting it into a bowl, though I have to say I have tried not breaking it up and breaking it up and both seem to be of about the same quality imo.

    also, while joints do have paper in them, i feel it safe to assume that the papers do not contain much tar considering they are made extremely thinly (and sometimes out of hemp I might add). Granted there are definately combustable particulates in a standard rolling paper, but think about this, if you would:

    Whenever you ignite your lighter and hold it to a bowl, you will hear a small whistling noise coming from the lighter. That is gas that is keeping the flame lit. Thusly, when lighting a bowl, you are essentially inhaling lighter fluid as opposed to a joint, in which only the few puffs contain this fluid . . .

    Sufficient to say, there is a great deal of debate over what smoking apparatus contains the most amount of thc and the lowest amount of carcinogens and tar. My general belief, in the final conclusion, is that each method has its benefits and its drawbacks. While it is our responsibility as cannabis smokers to know these benefits and drawbacks, we must all face a simple truth: that despite our favorite way of smoking, there is no truly "safer" way of intaking ganja than any other due to the fact that one is still smoking.

    In terms of efficiency, I'd have to say that I consider a joint to be more or less a luxury, due to the fact that more weed is used in its construction than if one is to simply pack a bowl, and also I think that joints are extremely smooth (even in comparison to a bong) and thusly, one of the more enjoyable ways of smoking, but perhaps not the most economical way of consuming thc.
  12. Then I apologize for putting words in your mouth [& lungs]...I just assumed you meant to jam a bud in the mistake.
    However, I always use the grinder, as it takes a smaller amount of weed to get me blasted. Plus I always use my Toker II, which was purchased in 1974 & still going strong, after a good ream-job.

  13. What? Based on what research? I call shenanigans on that.

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