Joint or Pipe?

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  1. So I'm getting some moneys in a bit, and looking on Amazon, and I could either get a little joint rolling machine, some cigarette papers, and a grinder, or a pipe and a grinder. Which do you guys think is better? And is there a specific type of pipe or do tobacco pipes work?
  2. i think all pipes are made for "tabacco" use

    but id go with a pipe. b
  3. I coulda sworn I'd seen somewhere that tobacco pipes were bad for bud but okay
  4. most head shops say its made for tobacco thats why they can sell them and its not considered paraphernalia.
  5. Ohh okay thanks
  6. joints imho are a waste of weed unless they are FAT and are rolled using slow burning papers. I have always been a spliff smoker. you gotta mix tobacco in there to get a slower, smoother, more even burn. THC slows down your heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and causes your blood vessels to expand. This means that you will have a slow absorption rate of THC. Nicotine, being a stimulant, will raise your heart rate, constrict your blood vessels, and raise blood pressure. When combined with THC this creates a high pressure flow of THC throughout your body. You will absorb THC faster, in greater amounts, and feel more high than off just regular weed. This simple chemistry will lead you to getting the most out of your rolling weed.

    If you dont like the idea of smoking that much tobacco then i recommend smoking blunts since you will be smoking very little tobacco as the only part of the blunt itself (other than the filler tobacco) is the outer leaf. The inner binder "leaf" is a piece of reconstituted tobacco that is made by using old tobacco dust and scraps and mixing with water it in a giant centrifuge and then adding MANY different chemicals to it. This produces a brown liquid solution known as "Mother Liquor". It is then sprayed on the paper so that it look just like tobacco. In cigarette manufacturing, nicotine is added with other chemicals to the soultion such as ammonia hydroxide and sulfuric acid which act as free base for the nicotine, making it many time more potent. About 20% of an American cigarette contains reconstituted tobacco.

    If you are looking for easy efficiency, buy the pipe.
  7. You don't want a typical tobacco pipe, as they suck for mj. You want a glass spoon pipe.,
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    THC raises heart rate and blood pressure and they don't add nicotine to tobacco it's already in the plant like THC is in weed

    Edit: OP get a GLASS pipe the wooden tobacco pipes don't work to well
  9. Weyall. Just found out my Bro is gonna give me his hookah for Christmas! So i guess nevermind
  10. +1 heart rate increases, if you're buying a bowl I wouldn't bother with a grinder, I hate getting small bits of matter in my mouth when pulling.
  11. Well i get king size "cigarette" papers for $1 for 300 so i may as well get a grinder and take advantage. Btw, are flavored papers worth the extra money ($2 for 300) but I've heard they're really unhealthy
  12. No, they taste like utter shit.
  13. Buy some Raw papers. They are my fave. I'll never burn another zig zag again if i can avoid it. Lol Barely even taste the paper. All the Danky Deliciousness is ask you can taste. Lol
  14. Hookahs aren't that great for weed. Sounds like you need a crash course...
    If you want something with water involved (like a hookah) just get a bubbler or a small bong, dont fuck around with hookahs.

    If you want to get a joint roller, get an orange zig zag roller, or similar.
    Easy to use, comes with instructions, perfect joints everytime, and only about $3. And NEVERRRRRR use cigarette papers for weed, such a waste. Only use rice or hemp papers, ones specifically for weed. Flavored paper won't hurt you at all, I use them all the time.

    But if your kinda new, Just get a pipe, seriously. Preferably glass, there is a taste difference. Good luck, blade.

  15. I think he was saying they take nicotine extract from tobacco scraps and spray the freebase on paper to make a kind of potent reconstituted 'tobacco', which is then added to the cigarette.
  16. fuck combustion get a vaporizer
  17. Glass is great when it comes to smoking, make sure you clean constantly for that fresh taste

  18. THC is a depressant that begins its effects about 4 seconds into your blood stream. Your heart detects that it is slowing down and tries to compensate by temporarily speeding up your heart rate and constricting blood vessels. Once THC has taken a greater effect on your system, your blood pressure and heart rate will decrease.

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