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Joint or Pipe for First Timer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Infin1ty, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I'm creating this thread here because it pertains to a newbie smoker. I am getting my brother high for the first time tonight and i was wondering what everyone's opinion was: joint or pipe?

    I know the advantages/disadvantages of both (been smoking for quite a few years), but just simply can't decide what would give him the best first experience, provided he gets high.
  2. Either would work fine, just as long as he knows how to hit it properly.
  3. Joint is easier to do it right, with the pipe you see people not using the carb, or not inhaling, or whatever, just be like "HEY PAL PUT THIS IN YOUR MOUTH AND BREATH IN, DONT SUCK ON IT LIKE A STRAW"

    and plus if rolled properly joints are awesomely smooth
  4. A joint so he can just take a few tokes, a pipe can be harsh and he has to worry about lighting it. If you are worried about the smell on your hands afterwards, peel an orange. Have fun :smoke:
  5. Pipe. Joints won't get him high if he doesn't know how to hit it. Hitting a pipe with a carb will get him high for sure.
  6. That won't be a problem, I'm usually pretty good at teaching people how to properly hit and inhale.
  7. Jooooooint.
  8. unless you're low on supplies let'm try both...a hit from the pipe followed by a hit or 2 from a joint...problem solved! :smoke:
  9. Joint for sure. First time I smoked I used a pipe(wood then glass) and almost didn't try smoking again. Pipes don't get me as high and make the weed taste horrible to me. I tried a bong the same night as the pipe and luckily that got me smoking.

    Between a joint and pipe? JOINT. Much easier to do correctly and get pretty high on.
  10. A joint, most people's first time are joints and it's always a memorable experience. Make sure to roll a perfect fatty because your brother is never going to forget it
  11. Mine was a pipe and boy did it suck, I coughed and the bowl and ash went flying I look back I feel so stupid for that haha. If I were to pick, I'd pick joint.
  12. if your gonna get high for the first time, doing it in style with a joint is the only way to go :smoke:
  13. Joint, some people have problems with smoking pipes the first time.
  14. I would say joint.
    He Would cough harder if he smokes off the pipe.
    I mean hes gonna cough or choke either way,but still...joint.
    Joints are easier.
  15. Either will work. A pipe isn't hard to use your first time, you just need common sense.
  16. Joint, just to make sure he'll get high.
  17. joint rolled in a strawberry juicy jay. it'll taste great along with being way easier to smoke.
  18. Joint

    It would probably be a little smoother, and easier to understand the inhaling concept since it would be like smoking a cig.

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