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  1. Every now and then when i roll a doob, when its burning a little spark will run down the side and make it uneven and mess up the hit till it evens back up. i was wondering if someone knew how to fix this or what i may be doing wrong if its the rolling technique. thanks
  2. When ur j runs lick you finger and wet the part thats runnin. Only advice is to roll that shit tighter
  3. yea i wet it when it runs, i just wanna prevent it. but yea it may be the middle part of the joint not being tight enough cause it usually runs as it burns toward the middle
  4. if you smoke it straight up with the cherry to the sky then the top part will burn faster n even it out. but i second smokeandchoke with the lick it or n tighter suggestions
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    Sometimes this happens because if the gum strip hasn't had time to dry after you just sealed it, that side will burn slower. The dryer side will burn faster, especially if it is not tightly rolled around the herb inside.
    Before sparkin it up, I will take my lighter and very gently dry the strip out by hovering the joint back and forth a few inches above the tip of the flame. Be very careful if you do this though.

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