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Joint lovers unite

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sean, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. Im sick of joints getting a bad name from peolpe who dont know how to roll/smoke one. I find a good joint the perfect way to smoke. I love the taste, i love the speed i get high, i love rolling, i love weed, i love spliffs, i feel so much more relaxed..dont have to relight or unclog. 100% ofthe things people dont like about joint are their fault.

    "Joints waste Pot"
    How can this be true? Joints get me mad high and it is the same ammount of weed i would put in 2 bowls max. the reason people say this is because either they dont know how to smoke a joint and let it burn or because ithey rolled it too loose or they didnt break up the buds well and it burns uneven.

    "Joints burn my fingers and they are hard to hit at the end"
    Grab a little piece of index card and make a roatch.

    Joints > You
  2. J'S N blunts are my favorite way too, bongs and bowls get the trick done to though, so im not complaining
    1 thing agreed, theres nutun like chillin out smokin a J
  3. ya i like to smoke a joint when my friend rolls it ( i cant ) but mostly i just use my stone bow. but i think your right joints are much more chill
  4. yeah i LOVE bongs, but chillin with a J is the best.........can take it anywhere.........Peace out.........Sid
  5. Joints are awesome, but it's hard to stop after one. :)

    I love multiple pinners to the head. Get so fucked up, and no bowl to clean.
  6. J's are the best when ur just chillaxin out to some nice chill music.
  7. i'll agree that it's fun to roll, fun to smoke, and sometimes a little more social than bongs or pipes (i.e. puff puff pass). i still don't see joints being very efficient, but they're not that bad and they do have more than enough good points to make up for their drawbacks. in the end it's all opinion on what YOU like better for yourself, but i've always enjoyed variety :D roll a joint, hit a bong, smoke the joint, hit a pipe.
  8. joints work but i perfer bongs
  9. j's are the way best way just the essence of smoking just you and the fatty in your hand i only use bongs and pipes when i have too
  10. most of the time i smoke its out of a pipe, sometimes a bong....but i love rolling one from time to time. Its wicked fun to just chill with a J
  11. I don't care what I smoke out of, as long as I get high, But I do like water bongs, the osund of the water bubbling is kool.

  12. Thats the funniest thing iv heard in awhile probably because I do the same thing, I can just picture you rooling a joint and thinking that its so funny, hahahaha
    Ohh yeah and I love jointz they are the bestit burns with no resin taste just you and the joint, iv never ssmoked out of a pipe or a bong on a regular basis to much work, I love the joint and people always say it burns in between pass's but not my joints anyways and neither does with anybody that I hang out with ... so yea! joint lovers unite :p
  13. Nothing beats a good joint.
  14. Where do we meet? I'm in. I do like other ways o smoking, too, but a j is so easy to carry around. I usually got one in my smoke package

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