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Joint I just rolled £20 worth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dunston, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. What do you guys think? Forgive the shitty pictures this joint is tight as hell.


  2. i think thats a waste of bud, but if u like j's then u like j's
  3. I think you shoulda rolled that into a blunt and got twice as high
  4. nice looking doober man, you got a w in the roach?
  5. No tobacco in this thing just weed. Although it isn't the British standard.
  6. That doesnt look like £20 worth.

    £20 = 30$

    30$ = 2 grams

    That joint ≠ 2 grams

    Math wins.

  7. No duh, the only tobacco in blunts are in the wrap, and all it does is get you higher.
  8. Don't see how the nicotine in a blunt wrap could get you higher unless you're talking about mild nicotine intoxication. Nicotine isn't exactly my thing but I guess everybody's different.
  9. All good bar the part where you assume that £20 only buys you 2g in England. It generally gets you an eighth, though in England that means anything from about 2g (If you're getting severely fucked over) to the mythical 3.5g eighth. In general though it'll get at least 2.9g.

    To the main point though-get a new dealer. You were fucked over if that's what you received for £20, even if it's the dankest of the dank.
  10. Nice ass looking joint bro.
  11. I recommend that u smoke that thing. Immediately. :smoking:
  12. Nice tight roll man, looks good. Personally tho i'd have done it more into a cone with that much weed and with a smaller roach but hey it'll still it'll smoke good i reckon.

    Gotta agree u were kinda fucked over tho if that were £20s worth.
  13. haha Damn looks like you took a fuckin j roller to that, If you didnt props thats a sick little J

  14. Probably about the same amount I get.

    Unfortunately I don't have enough money to blaze it away with 1 joint.
  15. Actually packed the weed down. Not proud of it but the outcome is fantastic.
  16. I'd probs get 4/5 spliffs out of £20 were i'm from, don't roll biggies like that very often tho.
  17. I love joints I wish I hadn't run out of papers :mad:... At least I have a half oz till I can find some
  18. That looks like a beastly joint bro. I personally enjoy blazing joints.

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