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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by killer_demon, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. I was just do you make a joint filter in the US?

    (i've heared some strange stories about tabacco as a filter (or was that spain))
  2. in spain they use half a cig filter.........very weird...but they got some nice hash....

    i think the americans just dont have a roach full stop.....some of might do...
  3. We use a lil bit of folded up cardboard, usually a bit of the paper packet, but lately i havent been puttin any filter/roach in, because i couldnt be arsed to :p
  4. A one hitter shaped like a cigarrete works for me.

  5. it's really weak hasj in spain...i've been there once, and they said it was great hasj and they were like: stoned

    but i allmost got more high from a sigarette

  6. Nah Shogun2003 will back me up, on this t he hash is nice.
  7. only hash i ever purchased/smoked was in barcelona....
    and small amounts knocked me and a friend on our asses for hours.... a gram and a half lasted a good week lol
    i wish i could get that shit at home
  8. Hash is Dirty You are all better of Smoking de Herb It gets u higher and is way more tastier :-D
  9. comin from the person that bought hash yesterday eh luke? ;)
  10. Thats Was propper gd Stuff
  11. It tasted horrible and gave me a headache.
  12. soapbar? by any chance?

    or was it pollem?
  13. It was a bit of everything really had loads of reazin in
  14. well here it's called a roach and is a piece of thin card, approx 50mm long, depending on thickness of card, and approx 10-15mm across, roll it up and add it to the joint, or roll the J with it allready in........the latter being a good way to practice for hash, i imagine most hash in Spain will be brought in from it's famous neighbour.......Morroco.......the place of the reputedly the best hash known to man.........and as for potency compared to smoking a joint of pure keif to a joint of normal have to remember that really high quality hash is made from the best that the plant has to offer................but what we get here is soapbar, average buds.......oil, boot polish, henna, and anything else they can cut it with..................Peace out.........Sid
  15. Man that cardboard idea is awesome. I've never thought of anything like that. We always just used roach clips or threw it in a bowl when its gets too small
  16. super pollum rulez ! :D

    but still weed is much better

  17. it takes away the need for a roach clip, as you can smoke all the grass right upto the roach, and as long as the roach is the right size, you won't burn your lips.

    the main reason it's used commonly over here, is that hash is in more of an abundance than weed, and we hate rockies in the's easy to tell a stoner in the U.K................they have toke burns from the hot rocks, on t-shirts, jeans trousers out........Sid
  18. OK I think it's obvious I will have to spread your teachings. Thanks for the info. Can't wait to try it out
  19. Specially with hash we always put some tobacco right between the roach and the hash-tobacco blend. Makes sure ya waste as little as possible.
    And btw....stop disrespecting hash. It comes from the same plant as weed, just a little more potent and ya get a bit more tired...
    Personally I like both-
    Weed is for sunshiny days and happy tours
    Hash is for inspiration, extreme relaxation and sex.
  20. I haven't tried proper hash i think, cause i was in madrid last summer and the hash wasn't as potent as i expected. I have tried to make hash once but it was crap i messed it up for sure, because it just gave me headache and no high at all after smoking it in a joint

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