joint fell a deck (pics)

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    So me and a friend went out to my backyard deck to smoke a J, we sat down and somehow the J fell out of my hand, falling in a crack that down under the deck about 6 inches. We both thought we lost the joint at first butwe kept trying to get it out with hooks, metal wires and shit. So i finally had the idea to put a bit of glue on the end of a thin, long stick to reach the joint. I reached down with the glue stick and laid the glue on the joint, let it sit for a while, then pull it out. When we got it out i re-rolled the weed and we smoked a very rewarding joint :smoking:

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  2. I came here for the pics, I leave dissapointed!
  3. ^ lol me too.
  4. Fake title.. is that somehow against the rules?
  5. Gotta agree with everyone above me, where are the pictures? This is most definitely false advertising!
  6. i dont see why pics are important. itd just be a joint glued to a stick.
  7. real life stories are so much better with pic man!
  8. LOL you guys must have been fuckin' baked already if you put glue on a stick to get it hahahah
  9. You want a picture of a joint? Google it.

    As for OP, thats pretty funny. Once my friends came over to smoke, and there was several pieces of wood out of my deck since it was being repaired. I forgot to tell one of my friends and when he went over towards the table he almost fell under the deck. Pretty funny at the time but he could've fucked himself up, hard.
  10. False advertising..

    Fuck man.
  11. its not the fact that there is no pics that is upsetting...its the principal of the thing! u just dont advertise false shit....thats why the world is fucked up.
  12. Pics or it didn't happen.
  13. just fyi... the word "Pics" its actually short for "Pictures"
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    I believe it's fraud.
  15. he meant joint fell a deck (people intentionally carrying spoons)

  16. yep what bullshit:(
  17. Pics or gtfo
  18. that happened once to me, except i just went under the deck and picked it up without having to come up with ways of fishing it out

  19. Damn, mad props for retrieving your joint!

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