Joint Doctor Diesel Ryder?

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  1. Anyone have any experience with the Joint Doctor Diesel Ryder? I am wondering how tall it grows on average? I am also trying to get an idea about the ideal minimum volume of the planter?
  2. I've grown out Diesel Ryder and even bred my own IBL seeds from it.
    This plants size depends completely on the container size.
    From my experience, when grown in a 1 gallon container they grew to 12"-16", and in a 2 gallon container they grew to 18"-24".
    Here's a picture from my early summer grow of one of my outdoor Diesel Ryders.
  3. Thanks, I was hoping it would work out like that. I am trying to decide whether to go with three 1.5gal, or two 3gal. The footprint is limited, so the choice is between more plants or bigger plants. Any thoughts?
  4. I would go with more plants over bigger plants in your situation.
    My reasoning being that if you should encounter any problems, and lose a plant or two, you'll still have plenty of backups to finish out your grow with.
    Good luck.
  5. I don't mean to thread hijack, but I'm planning on breeding out some diesel ryders next year. How much of a variation in pheno types did you see? and how many generations before you started seeing uniform plants?
  6. JDs DR is AWESOME !!!!

    and I'm not big on autos.... I grow em, but only for fun and to take up veg room space.

    but this one is tops IMHO
  7. I've only done 1 season of breeding with this strain so far, but have grown it out multiple times.
    As for phenotypes, I would say there are about 4 of them.
    One leans towards NYC Diesel and grows taller, one leans towards Lowryder #2 and is shorter.
    The other 2 are nice combinations of the 2 parents and grow similar, but 1 of them yields better though.
    They usually finish in 10-11 weeks, and I get an ounce or more off the plant depending on the container size I grew it in.
    I hope that helps :)
  8. Thanks for the info Karma. Sounds like it's going to be a fun project. That plant looks badass
  9. ^^impressive^^

  10. Thanks man :) appreciated

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