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  1. Hey Blades, I've been having trouble with my joints lately, it seems whenever I smoke em they canoe (running?) pretty bad at the start, I can usually fix it but it is really annoying.

    Anyone know how I can stop this from happening? Is it the way I am rolling it or lighting it, or is it just bad luck? haha thanks
  2. Roll it tighter, that should help.
  3. all i can say is roll the motherfucker tighter and/or more evenly packed, so dense/sparce spots in the joint, also dont hit it oo hard, hit it nice and soft. If a run is starting, and you hit it hard, its just gonna end badly
  4. What papers are you using? I had some cheap ones run real bad before.
  5. Lick your thumbs thoroughly, and rub them in a ring around the lowest point of the cherry.

    It should slow the over-excited end, resulting in an even burn for the rest of your joint.

    I feel like a lot of the 'running' problems, isn't the result of a poor J, but rather the outcome of a bad initial light.

    Happens to the best of us. :)
  6. If you crinkle the paper at all it will canoe because the area that crinkled will burn fast as there isn't anything (like herb) to slow it down.
  7. i dab my finger with my tongue then put out the part thats burnin to fast. spinning it while you hit it helps to. air pockets are the main cause of canoing just make sure you roll it even and firm.
  8. make sure your herb is evenly ground with no chunks this will make a joint run faster than anything

    if your not already using one use a filter paper link here if you dont know what im talking about

    make sure its packed evenly all the way through i tap the filter end on the table a few times after im done this usually gets all the weed packed together well
  9. yeah, sometimes I get uneven spots, but for the most part my joints are tight and nicely rolled. I have been using ziggy whites for the longest time though, I have used hemp papers too but the glue never seems to stick with those. Any suggestions on better papers?
  10. It may be from crinking the paper too much, I will mess around and see how things go
  11. The trick to sticking a natural glue is to barely lick one part to initially stick it, and then lick the rest of it on the outside of the paper so you don't lick the gum off.

    My personal favorite paper right now is the hempires. Never had a problem with them.
  12. What he said^

    I like raws and originally i did have a problem with the stick. But when i figured licking the outside could work, knew id never switch back. The taste is leaps and bounds beyond others.
  13. I've tried licking the outside too, but usually after I already lick the inside, Ill give it a go after work today
  14. i think others have said it, roll it more consistency but if it still happens lick your finger lightly and drape it on the fast burning side of your joint to ensure an even burn

  15. Raws are pretty nice too. I got a 300 pack of 'em. My problem is the gums curling up. Still roll real nice though. I like hempires more, though. I can't put my finger on exactly why:bongin:
  16. lmao this x100

    Lately I've been rolling a lot of doobies for my buddy and his roomate (neither can roll joints) and they usually give me my rollers rights to Aces but I've rolled so many that I've started letting them spark their joints. I cringe every time I have to watch them put it in their mouth, blindly put the flame to the tip, and pull hard ass fuck, causing said blind flame to scorch down the entire side of the doobie. They always even out with a little coaxing (holding the slower burning portion facing up since heat rises, pushing the slower part into the cherry so it burns faster, and like others said above, licking below in front of the run) but nonetheless, it always smokes good.

  17. Used to have the same problem, they are just so thin that any moisture in the air will curl em.
    Just thought of it now but try sticking them in a jar or something
  18. be sure your buds ground up enough, or it might cause the air pockets that turn into the conoe
  19. I have come to beleive that it was a combination of taking too many tokes too fast, and small air pockets where I didnt pack the bud well enough
  20. Certain Paper Brands manipulate their papers to not canoe as often (burn more evenly). Like DLX, raw, etc.

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