Joint, Blunt, Bong, or Bowl?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Phychedforweed, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Let me know below
  2. a bong is my go to and an everyday tool.

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  3. Bowl.

    I'm sorry...:GettingStoned: What was the question?
  4. Joints are classy

  5. Bong if I'm lazy but joints all the way
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  6. I've just wake n baked with a joint so joints it is
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  7. joint. most def.
    i dont always smoke jays but wen i do i know its special.

    lol !
  8. blunt gang, bang bang
  9. If I'm with friends then normally a joint, blunt if we have a lot of weed ahaha, by myself I use my bong, if I'm trying to get really baked I'll use a gravity bong

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  10. Used to be about my bong all the time till the slider broke . I asked my friend for a slider and it didn't fit so he straight up gave me his bubbler , but I feel like I'm always tempted to put waaayyy too much weed in the thing and I end up low. Lately, I've been more about my bowl and one hitter.
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    It all depends.

    With friends, nothing beats some fat ass blunts
    Solo or with the gf, blunt or a joint
    Need to be discreet, I pull out the vape.

    Joints are ok, but I roll blunts just so much easier. Pre-rolled joints that are in a cone and burn evenly are the shit though.
  12. Bong! Every single time!
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  13. Mostly doobies with bong rips now and again. I'm pretty much done with blunts.
  14. Bowl
  15. i like using my homemade bong to conserve weed but i like blunts best because they stay lit and they taste amazing. joints if im out of cigars

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  16. I prefer the taste of a bowl.
  17. Bong - smoother and bigger hits
    Bowl - still using a glass piece which is nice, but lacks water filtration
    Blunt - I can roll them fairly easily and they ash nicely
    Joint - I can roll them fairly easily too but they don't ash very well

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