Joining the military?

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  1. Well I am at that point in my life where I must make a decision. I am very unhappy with my life right now and the future it holds. I am an 18 year old high school drop out who has no job. It's taken a toll on me emotionally. I don't really do anything with my life except workout. I feel like a wasted life and it really fucking sucks. I'm depressed and it drains my will power to do anything.

    But I know there is still hope. And that's from joining the military. If I signed a four year contract, I'd be occupied for the next four years of my life. When I get out, I'll be 22. I'd imagine I'd have money from the military (i've heard you get money then I've heard of people getting stiffed). I'd be fit, healthy, and I just see myself as being an overall happier person. I think it'd be easier for me to get some kind of job, and I might even have a career choice in mind by then. The on;y thing is I won't be able to try the drugs I want to do (E and shrooms/cid). Oh well, a future is more important than drugs.

    Now if I don't go to the military: I could look for a job, work there and save up for a couple of years and go to college.

    I don't know, I'm just really lost right now with my life and it sucks.
  2. or you could join the military, get sent off to iraq, and drive over a bomb and die.
  3. Join the Navy. Unless you actually want to go overseas and kill / get killed.

    If you do decide to join, many kudos to you man. A lot of my friends joined, some still in, and it did them a lot of good.
  4. if you must join, choose a MOS thats not so hazardous. instead of infantry, be a mechanic or something like that
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    thanks man, the kind words are appreciated. what kind of good did it do them?

    I just want to be able to travel around while in the military. go to italy/germany/south america/etc. I don't really care if I'm gonna be infantry or not.

    I was thinking about joining the airforce. my stepdad was in the air force and he got to travel everywhere.
  6. Theres so many better options then joining the military, besides i would never join the military in todays world, especially in such bullshit wars. Why would i fight for something that really just isnt worth fighting for. Anyway, anyone who is fighting in this war can actually be considered a war criminal...

  7. Straightened their shit out. They had no respect for anyone besides our group of friends, always acted up and started shit you know? Just stupid.

    Came back and they were completely different, in a good way. They knew it too, said all they needed was a little discipline I guess.

    For travelling, definitely go Navy or AirForce. Buddy in the Navy right was in Japan, then Australia. Think he's going to the India or something next. Almost made me want to join.

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