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  1. Hey guys! I'm at the point in your life where high school is over and you have to decide what you want to do with your life, and besides college/trades I've looked into the military, was just wondering if any of you guys have joined up and what drove you too join up. how was the experience? would you do it again if you could go back? and after your service how is it getting employment? 

  2. Decision you need to make yourself man. Are you ready to fight a war? That seems a bit fucked up to me.
  3. I was looking more into a hull tech/marine engineer and get some scuba diving experience
    or military engineer, electronic generating systems technician, something involving trades/skills and infrastructure work on top of the regular military duties, because they are my interests in the non military side of life anyway. personally I think it'd be an amazing experience say heading out to a disaster stricken area to help them, also I live in canada so the military here isn't quite massive or anything xp
  4. Joining the military doesnt equate to fighting a war. There are more non combat oriented jobs than there is direct combat.
    @OP, im going down to MEPS to enlist in the navy soon. Went to college and studied fine arts for 3 years and decided I needed a break to mature and do something different.
  5. HA same man. I was like no fucken way I'd join the murican military and get dropped in some country I shouldn't be in. (Not that we're fault free)
  6. And yeah I know signing up doesn't equal being shipped on the ground and fighting just the wars going on lately I don't agree with and would sooner say out of all together.
  7. Would you be willing to die for oil and money?
  8. The Military is great.  You get paid, live for free, and get all the free food you want.  Every check you get is literally yours to blow on wahtever, because you no longer need to worry about a roof over your head, or food in your stomach.  I isn't for everyone.  Some people have never been yelled at, and thats criteria for not going LOL.  It is something you have to decide yourslef.  I am about to sign my second contract.  You don't have to have a job dealing directly with combat.  I signed to the Marines as an Explosives Engineer, and then messed up and could shoot straighter than anyone, so that qualified me as a sniper.  So I took it, and I think I enjoyed it more, because I knew I was directly helping our country.  If you are a woman, you more than likely (93% sure) won't see combat.  It just happens that way.  If you are looking for an adventure in life, and looking for a way to get yourself out there, then I would suggest at least reserves.  On the plus side, it will help you with the ladies (if you're a man lol). It has a lot of advantages.  The biggest disadvanages are, being away from home, and people you know/love, meeting people, being naked in front of at least 30 people, and small little things that just suck. Other than that, you grow to like it!
  9. My military experience has been pretty positive. But speaking from an American standpoint, you'll have a better chance at a career or longer service with Canada. At this point in time our occupation of Afghanistan is over, and we're downsizing substantially. I joined because I wanted a change of pace and hadn't the slightest clue of what I wanted to do. I'd say you have a great opportunity to get a good jump start with technical skills, and a great chance to save up money and obtain educational benefits. The best thing I would recommend is do research, try to find out some info from current active members, then speak with different recruiters.
    *Currently deployed U.S. Army Joint Fires Observer in Afghanistan
  10. I joined right out of high school because I didn't want to go to college. I loved it and had the best time of my life traveling partying . I went into the army and deployed to afghanistAn which was pretty sick. I just got out because I didn't like the life when I had a daughter if I was single I'd still be in. But now I am makin bank just for going to college so it's pretty kush but you have to make sure you are mentally ready to deal with a whole mess of bullshit . But overall it was a great experience .

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  11. Not in the military, yet. Trying to enlist into the army whenever I hear back from meps. I'm 20 by the way and wish I didn't wait so long to try and join. Cause all I did was blow through cash and get high.

    Now I'm hoping to join as infantry or small arms repair and work towards ranger school and sniper school. Going to go airborne also. For now I'm just playing the waiting game.

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  12. You are joining the military industrial complex, and now our corrupt leaders will have control over you!
  13. the american political agenda, really doesnt give a fuck about you. think about that for a second.
  14. canada has a military?
  15. Yeah, there's a Canadian ship moored to a pier on my base lol
  16. A big Thanks to all those who served. Freedom really is taken for granted sometimes, but it's (somewhat ironically) not free. America appreciates you!
  17. I guess you and Mary Jane are breaking up?

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