Joining campus police?

Discussion in 'General' started by DutchX8, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I'm going to college soon, and I plan to blaze whenever possible (being smart about it of course). I've also been thinking about joining the campus police to get eyes and ears on the inside so to speak. My question is, will that work? Is anyone here in the CP that could tell me about it? Are there some things that i'm overlooking?
  2. I would expect they piss test you.
  3. 1. Drug Test
    2. Usually a FT job.
    3. Never seen a student on the campus police
  4. Yeah, where I go to school all campus police are actual police officers and not students. And expect a drug test whenever applying for a government job.
  5. you probably need to have some police training to. i mean while yes they are just glorified rent-a-cops for a grown up day care, they do carry weapons, and im sure they dont want to trust a loaded weapon with a dope. although the local sheriffs department seems to go the other way on that one, i think theyre unwritten motto is trust the retarded with handguns!
  6. dude nobody likes CP, and if ppl know you smoke youll get busted sooner or later, people will be snitching left and right.
  7. at my school campus police are actuall cops, they got a police station, guns, cuffs all that shit
  8. Im going out with a campus police officer. He said they only test you once and thats when you start.
  9. Probably different at each college.
  10. Most likely.

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