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Joined sub club with quickfix 3 days ago, kinda nervous

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hashgrandazoot, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. So I joined sub club with Quickfix 5.7 this past Wednesday. I'll post my full experience once I find out the results. The switch went perfect despite the nerves. Now I'm waiting impatiently to find out if I'm hired. Can anyone offer words of wisdom since I'm antsy. If this doesn't go through it will be very embarrassing. Many people will know that shouldn't, and be disappointed. I used the American Quickfix in Indiana at a facility that collects for LabCorp, Quest, and others. My sample was accepted and I believe sent to New Hampshire if I read the paperwork correctly. Should I be this worried? It was a strange trip and I will divulge as soon as it progresses. Thanks. P.S. I felt like a boss for pulling off a perfect switch, but now the adrenaline has worn of I'm very nervous.
  2. wtf did I just read...
  3. I subbed with Quickfix synthetic urine for a drug test. Now I'm a little worried it will fail. Anyone experienced with this? The test was through Quest Diagnostics.
  4. You should be fine
  5. Thanks. I would live to post a success story to help ease other people's minds. The substitution itself went along beautifully despite the fact I waited a FULL HOUR at the collection site before getting processed. The temp showed a perfect 96 degrees despite that setback. I almost screwed the pooch by trying to wash my hands as I was so nervous on the inside I totally wasn't paying attention. Lucky me the water was turned off. Ironically there was a NORML.ORG adopt a road street sign right outside the collection center. I took this as the universe saying don't worry, all is well.

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