Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by RMJL, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Monthly Pledge

    Become a NORML sustainer and pledge an amount each month to be automatically charged to your credit (or debit) card. You can discontinue anytime. Donations made through the monthly pledge program are a great way for marijuana law reform supporters to maximize their giving by eliminating the costly three P's: Paper, Printing and Postage.

    You can get a t-shirt and other goodies for donating to NORML!

    If you can't afford a donation, then sign up for their free eZine to be delivered to your email inbox so that you can at least be informed.
  2. yeah i signed up for their newsletter and free membership a couple years ago, you get a free button :D (it sez "it's norml to smoke pot")
  3. I already belong to NORML.. I send my pledges once a year..

    I hope they get these laws changed!!!!
  4. I too already belong. Representing the Indiana chapter. ;)
  5. I donate $50 a year. It's all I can afford, but every little bit
    helps. I donate in April. Since I don't pay taxes, I donate to
    NORML instead.

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