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    Whats up. I am newly registered to the forum, although I have been using the stickies and threads to learn. Hopefully my first grow-op is successful.

    Please comment if you have helpful suggestions to help me out.

    Jan 19, 2009

    1 maui waui seed, and 10 random seeds I collected.

    Grow space:

    2 florecent tubes 70w I beleive, 3 150w bulbs, mylar paper on inside door

    Not sure how good it'll work for me but as you can see in the pics, its in a closet on one side of my bathroom, so crack the doors and run the vent periodically

    -Week 1
    1. I germinated the seeds using the water in cup method, then moved the to the paper towel, took 2 days.
    2. I have two fans one on each side. as you can see in the pics
    3. Temp sits around 79 degrees with a pH around 45%
    4. The maui waui seed sprouted 4 days after planted, the others still have not sprouted yet.
    5. Watered them a little the first day planted and have been misting periodically since.
    6. moved the light down to about 10 inches from the little ones, 2 more sprouted.
    7. Added soil to the maui waui, stem seems to be getting thicker now and gaining strength.
    8. Lights have been on 24 hours a day.
    9. all the plants have now sprouted

    Week 2-
    1. watering once every 4 days, occasional misting with fan from day to day.
    2. transplanted some sprouts into seperate cups
    3. added 1 150w bulb
    4. temp is at 80 degrees
    5. all lights are now 4-6 inches away from plants.
    6. temp is down to 75, but the pH is also prettty low 20-25%
    7. Lost a couple bagseed sprouts.

    WEEEK 3---NEW GROWBOX and before pics




    week 2 pics

    WEEEK 2
  2. I'm no grower

    But you need to get your lights closer

    and more soil in your buckets

    because your babies are reachin for the sun

    .....a little to much
  3. Dude you need to add some dirt and move the lights in closer. that poor thing is about to stretch out of it's shoes.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies ill do that right now, should I add soild to the bottom of the plant or raise up the plant and put soil undernieth.. ?
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    Just posted new picks.. End of week 1. plants sprouted. Maui lookin good. need suggestions to keep these things strong.
  6. End weeek 1. Bumppppppp
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    That looks pretty good, I think you may need a little more light in there and you'll be set. What are your plans for ventilation? And this is just me, but I would separate the sprouts into their own pots before they get too much bigger. Also with those small plants in the big pots, be very careful of overwatering.
  8. ok. what would you suggest for the watering. I dont know the extreme of underwatering. could u expain?

    they get misted a couple times a day with a spray bottle as of right now

    ventalation i said in my first post, is the bathroom vent getting run periodically.. any suggestions on that as well?
  9. Well I go from cups straight to 5 gal. pots. I water about 3 inches out from the sprout to start, then every watering expand the circle a couple of inches as the plant grows. If you water the whole pot with a sprout that size, the water will just sit in there, and under your CFL set up, won't evaporate very quickly. That's just the way I do things and so far so good. That size I would water every 3-5 days.
    As far as ventilation I guess it depends on your situation. My grow is in the master bath and i just use the fart fan and 2 Glade plug ins in the bathroom for the smell and it takes care of most of it. Most people that need proper odor control use the carbon filters for exhaust. Just check out the threads, you'll find the answers.

  10. ok thanks.. do u think keeping water in the room would help keep the humidity up, its kinda low.. about 40%
  11. New pics week 2.. first post edit
  12. Green green green

    Try to get something going more organized to fit your light situation. Im guessing you are transplanting most of those soon. If you have even a small fan on those, the lights can literally be an inch away from your little ones. You will notice the leafs taco toward the light. Mess around with it man, trial and error. Put the lights very close and keep moving it away alittle at a time until the leafs stop tacoing but they seem too far away right now.

  13. wow once inch... for real. alright ill lower them down a bit thanks, what do u think bout my tempurture being 80 with a 40% pH?
  14. hey john... temps fine...
    Those bulbs should be perpendicular to the plants they give most of thier light off the sides of the bulb, generally 5"is prety good distance for cfl as long as you have a breeze..imo;)
  15. ok sounds good, yeah 1 inch seem a bit much but idk ha.
  16. Just updated on first post checkkkkkkk it BUMP
  17. HMMMMMM....... so i guess journals are pointless until flowering when ppl are interested
  18. Just made a new growbox. out of a dresser, plants are now in a fishtank..


  19. Yo whats up my friends....

    Grow looks pretty good that maui is lookin pretty bomb

    I'm not too sure but i think i've read that the water globe might over water the little guy.
    just watch the leaves they'll tell you how its liking it. Saggy leaves means its over watered...

    Another thing...depending on how you guys wanna work to clip the top new set of growth...the plant will heal and send out two stems from the cut making a couple main colas instead of just one. Something to think


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