Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by froggy, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. after some hassle and a few emails back and forth...finally got my seeds just like they said.

    gotta give it up to NL#5/blueberry seeds for 5 bucks and a few emails. cant complain
  2. How many of NL#5 and Blueberry did you get? I am going to get some bean from JRS too hopefully
  3. well i got 8...and some what looked like crushed stuff.

    personally i think he sent 8 and some what looked like crushed stuff. but still for the 5$ that i sent...its still a deal and a 1/2.

    i was actually looking for a 'pure' blueberry but still im happy with what happened and would recommend trying it out.
  4. HIGH All, oooohhhh your goning to be happy with BBXNL#5 froggy....nice buzz.
  5. yea i cant wait to get thru this cycle...

    they are definately going in next cycle. i also got some bubblegum going into next cycle.

    im also in the process of keeping some breeding male and female clones of all the var's that ive grown and liked. its fun going thru the genetics and keeping the stuff that i like. its amazing how little u can keep a breeder also. just keep it cut WAY back and leave it in the back of the veg area. i keep those in 3/4 gallon pots so they cant do much and can go to flowering anytime i want.

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