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  1. Collect all of the seeds that you get from your herb, then wait till spring. Then plant them in areas of moisture (like alongside rivers and streams) if not, then anywhere. Once those plants cycle, they will drop more seeds and re-grow. Soon the wild will be populated with plants - and nation wide legalization and awareness will occur.

    The trick is to tell all of your friends, and have them tell all of their friends. And soon a movement will occur, and it will be unstoppable. :D
  2. thats a start
  3. I always throw my seeds around our local police station
  4. people say this all the time

    did you try searching this topic? i'm sure theres a few threads about it already
  5. Hell theres even a user named after this and I had a beer with him

  6. haha

    now that the search is better, i'm really going to get on peoples cases for starting threads like this
  7. Especially since its as easy as freaking highlighting what you want to search!
  8. whoa, so thats what that scope is for haha !
  9. johnny weed seed has a better ring to it
  10. my weed usually doesn't have seeds ;) but if i come across any i will totally do this!
  11. When I get seeds I take them to a local nursery(plant store) and throw them in random pots.

  12. fucking genius...
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    yeah that's not such a good idea. my family owns a large ornamental flower nursery and if one of those seeds comes up we could lose our licence and face massive fines. that would mean your little joke just put our crew in the unemployment line. put your seeds in a city park or next to a cop shop where it's not going to hurt anyone.. thanks

    oh and just so you know we use a pre-emergent herbicide so there's little to no chance the seed with sprout. that's why you rarely see weeds in the flower pot

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