Johnny Appleseed

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  1. Ok, no one has ever eaten an apple, and been like, "Oh my god, the entire world must know about this. I must allow everyone to taste this god fruit." It doesn't happen, it's apples. So, I think Johnny was smokin some MJ one day. And he was like, "Woah, I'm spreadin this around, everyone's gotta try this." (makes more sense right?) So he went oh with nothing bud a fat potato sack of seedy seedy buds and a pot on his head (as I was always told by teachers and parents.) I think for cooking, as he could mix the seeds with anything and make it more nutritious because it's a super food. But he went on his way planting seeds, and was called a "pot head" for the pot on his head. But stupid people were like, "You mean like because he smokes weed?" Or maybe people followed along with him and were all called pot heads and it stuck. But doesn't that make much more sense??
  2. stoned i take it
  3. Yup :smoke::smoke:
  4. Johnny apple seed, planted those trees for hard apple cider instead of just apples. Hard apple cider lasts for longer amounts of time. They planted trees on land in order to attract settlers to buy the land. I'm going to be making some hard apple cider with my dad soon. :D
  5. ^^ lame

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