John W. Huffman

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    Hate him or Love him. He created a chemical epidemic that launched and propelled the legal marijuana industry.

    Although i hate what he did i understand the fascination with chemistry and i don't think he intended for his work to cause either an epidemic or a movement.
  2. I think you're right. I bet he was just following his passion for cannabis related chemistry and discovered that shit, not knowing it was shit at the time. Anyway, matters like this I like to think if he hadn't have discover those synthetics someone else would have by now so it's not like he's evil. He's just a guy.
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  3. He still gets calls from people claiming he killed their child.
  4. He thinks Marijuana should be legalized and taxed.
  5. I wouldn't mind paying sales tax but fuck the sin tax. Do you think about this guy from time to time?
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  6. I think about his creations and discoveries from time to time. also you informed me of what a sin tax means.
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