John Stewart tears the media/ACRON apart

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  1. I must admit that I laughed and gained some respect for him, but he endorsed UHC during the bit and I lost all respect again. I've seen enough of him over the years to know hes a partisan left winger on most things, but every now and then he does show a glimmer of objectivity. Usually when not doing so would give his critics ammo.


  2. Yeah, for some reason it doesn't work. You gotta watch it from main page.
  3. How much did ACORN get in the bailout? I thought it was at least a billion...
  4. sigh

    thats all i can manage to say in response to shit like this anymore
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    One of his 'news' stories on the front page.


    This ACORN bit by him will hopefully open some eyes out there. There are many delusional 'liberal' cannabis users that watch his show, and don't really get 'news' from any other independent and/or conservative means.
  6. It's kind of pathetic that in some polls out there, more people trust "fake" news (Daily Show, Colbert Report) than regular news media. How sad.....

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