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  1. Big GoT fan here. In preparation of one of the most anticipated episodes I'm just wondering what people think is about to happen. Also this is purely for speculation so if you've read the books and actually know what happens. Alive or dead? They've done it before to huge characters but I never thought John would be a victim. And the others that perished in the finale of Season 5.
  2. The books have not progressed past what happens to snow.
  3. Is there anyway to reclassify this thread? I misclassified it.
  4. Theres a thread for the show with a bunch of people talking about it kif you want to read more t thoughts after mine of course lol but Snows obviously dead as he was stabbed many many many mannny times, but his character is not as they have shown that death is not the end all be all in the GoT world like it is in our world.

    Stannis is alive. He aint going down off-screen like that. It just doesnt make sense to not keep pushing foward with these characters. both have ties to the crazy "Red Woman" who seems to still have her own progressions to make.

    The storylines are just now getting really good, just in time for the final push and WINTER
  5. Jon Snow is dead, but he won't stay dead.

    His story is not finished yet.

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  6. i dont think he is going to stay dead..he just fits to much as azor asai..i mean it could be denareyas..she fits alot of thr prophecys since she does have the dragons..and the blood..if snow is indeed a targaryean and not a stark..then he would be half brother to denaryeas..and most likely has dragon blood (could control the dragons)

    but i dont know..i honestly figured a resurection by now..and with the red priestess being a crone using glamour this whole time..i dont think she has the magic to pull it off..

    so hopefully we see the blackfyres come around and help..and vayrs..there is more than meets the eye to me about the spider..his motives and his grand scheme..he is the true arcitect and responsible for everything happening..

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