John McCain is SO wise!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by VladimirVirchis, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Senator John McCain has the wisdom we need. everyone throw your support behind the real candidate for change!! I heard he even smokes weed too..
  2. This is in the wrong section. Get your politics out of my marijuana!
  3. dude john mccain would ruin our country just as much / worse than bush .
  4. hey man politics and marijuana are one in the same
  5. yah i dont like old puffy chin i vote oboma ... if i could vote still ^^;
  6. john mccain is emotionally unstable and a puppet nonetheless for the republicans. america is supposed to be a democracy, shouldnt we have a democratic president
  7. I know this has nothing to do with what he stands for but.. who wants a president who is gonna die like 2 minutes after taking office?...he doesnt look too well
  8. actually america is a constitutional republic but whatever..

    mccain over obama ANY DAY but to hell with them both
  9. If he smoked weed he wouldn't be running for president. At least not for the Republicans. Maybe the Green Party. :p
  10. Ron Paul '08!
  11. :confused::confused::confused:
    hes been out for awhile my man.
  12. Bullshit. Look up both their medical marijuana stances. Obama says he has an "open mind" toward it and "if they need it, it should be available to them." John McCain on the other hand thinks that "there is always a better alternative than medicinal cannabis." I did a report on it. Those quotes are reworded to ease the typing while I'm high. ._.
  13. haha got me there matratzac.

    but seriously people, believe it or not mccain is not what we need as a president, a friend of my fathers actually has met/dealt with mccain before and the man has anger issues, is emotionally unstable, and doesnt look to healthy anyways. America doesnt need another hot-headed-war-bound-fat-balding-middle-aged asshole in the white house

    obama is a cool guy
  14. how can McCain mean change when it's his own party that's been in power for the last eight years??? ..what's he changing, from Republican to Republican? ;)
  15. i'm going to write in ron paul on the ballot
  16. Sure turd nugget....:rolleyes:
  17. You mean john McCain is a 'wise guy'.
  18. lol...the dream is dead, bro.
  19. Slight correction. He is not middle aged. He is friggin old. He is 72. As you say he do not look to healthy. There is a reason for that, he's had melanoma cancer 4 times already. That alone is a statistical blip, he should be dead by now from his cancers. As it stands, it is just a matter of time before it flares up again. Cancers do have this tendency to recur with a vengance. And the final straw really is that he got serious anger issues. His time as a Vietnamese POW have in all probability damaged his psyche to a degree. Given enough pressure he might regress, and act entirely irrational.

    McCain isn't fit to run anything, let alone the US and its vast military. Not because of his politics per se, but because he is old, sick and mentally unfit. If he was 20 years younger, cancer free and reasonable and cool under pressure, rather than going off on tantrums, then he'd be as good a candidate the republicans could run with.
  20. Barack Obama's stance on medical marijuana and decriminalisation.

    John McCain's stance on medical marijuana and decriminalisation.


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