John McCain and our country's future..

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    Do we really want to be at war for 4 more years? If so, then elect this old ass white haired dude.

    good video though. lets people know whats up.
  2. McCain uotes totally taken out of context. Buchanan states do you think he will be a peacetime president like coolidge. How long ago was Coolidge president? How many presidents in the past century have been peace time presidents were no force at all was needed. Wesley Clark is a proven liberal running for the Democratic party. and what does all that say about Obama? We will be in further wars that is a fact that no one can deny. Yes going to war with Iran is scary and hopefully we can avoid it. If someone nuked one of our cities god forbid their country would be turned into a parking lot.
  3. HaHa, you really think the war will go that much differently whether its Saint Barack or McCain?
  4. hahaha who is the bush clone? Lets see. hmm.

    its hard to believe that there are "Republican Stoners" lol.

    Yeah man for the horde.
  5. We would be fighting a war either way right now.....the only difference is, if we weren't fighting it in Iraq, we would be most likely fighting it here.

    Obama or McCain, either way we will have war for a while. I would rather have a republican in office, they wont pick sides based on personal gain, they will do what's right for America as a whole. Democrats have been know for picking the side that benifits them personaly.....Look at the Carter administration.
  6. look at what the nixon administration created: The DEA
  7. There have been plenty of times in US history when the republicans were voted in to get us out of war, not any more. I might have to vote Obama on this issue, atleast he trys to act like he has our best interest at heart, McCain just says bomb the fuck of them.
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    Insanity is when because a person doesn't understand the nature and consequences of their actions they're a danger to themselves or others. John McCain spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton where he was tortured by his North Vietnamese captors and their backers Russia and China. Because of this he has suffered permanent emotional damage and is fiending for his revenge upon Russia and China for what they did to him, and he could care less if he takes the rest of the world down with him. John McCain stood 844 out of 848 people in his naval academy class. John McCain never had the brains to lead the U.S. Olympic Team into the opening ceremonies at the bird’s nest, let alone to lead the free world in the most troubled and complex time in human history.

    John McCain, the self proclaimed common man, does not have $100 million and 10 houses because of his brilliance, but because when his first wife was seriously injured in a car accident, he committed adultery with his present wife and then he dumpred his injured wife and married the heiress. John McCain’s own Republican Senator friends testify that John McCain flies into these wild irrational rages for no reason.
  9. didnt you hear? he's aimin for 100 years.
  10. If we weren't fighting in Iraq we would not be fighting Iraqis on US soil.

    Are you sure that republicans won't pick sides for personal gain? The Iraq war was essentially based on personal gain, not that Iraq was an imminent threat to the US or its allies. Both parties are out for personal gain.
  11. The DEA was the department of narcotics beforehand. Harry Aslinger (head of the deoartment of narcotics) started the war against drugs, it escalated ultimately into what is the DEA today. When he was doing business, you could spend serious time in prison for possession of marijuana.

    And drugs don't have much to do with this thread being about McCain keeping us in war for four years.

    All republicans have been against drugs in history, Regan hated them to, he started a war as well. But times are changing and the distrimination that cannabis once faced isn't as prevalent anymore.

    If you really want to twist the could say that immigration is what sparked our country's war on drugs. If it weren't for the heavy influx of Mexicans, Americans wouldn't have developed a "phobia" of marijuana. Thus the drugs that would be illegal today would be the ones that should be. The ones that actually kill people.

    FYI, American propaganda used to say that Mexicans would smoke marijuana and become super human beasts that wreaked havoc. That's actually why it was made illegal here.

    People really thought that if you smoked it, you would become a unsocial, unmotivated criminal. There weren't any studies done on it until it was illegal for a long time already.
  12. Isn't Republican Stoner an oxymoron?
  13. haha hell yeah.

    conservative values = "weed is EVIL!!!!"

  14. I'm a conservative stoner... I'm not socially conservative, in fact in most social and moral decisions I believe we should look to the constitution and the bills re-enforcing it. But, I have STRONG conservative beliefs fiscally.
  15. Economicaly, I'm a straight up Republican. I have stocks, and bonds, and I care about how much our money is worth. I'm right wing when it comes to the military as well. The reason our military is dwindeling is from the Clinton administration.

    But I smoke a lot of pot. From when I wake up till I go to sleep. And I'm extremely functional. Smoking weed isn't a crime in my opinion.....selling dime bags to kids is though.
  16. i'm far from a Clinton supporter, but i'm interested in your opinion as to why Bill Clinton and his administration are responsible for the current state of the US military.
  17. Clinton accelerated a policy originally introduced by the Reagan/Bush admin.
  18. It's wasn't just the cuts that Bush put in motion (by the way was only supposed to be 25%) was the way Clinton used the military. People were leaving the military in masses. Moral over all was extrememly low.

    The cuts are a small part (even though he went too far with them) of what happened. There were some pretty big mess ups in Somalia and Haiti. So retention and recruitment plumeted, especially with the fighting going on at the end of it. At the end of his presidency he started making up for it, pay raises and what not. But it didn't recover. He wasn't a military leader, and it stood out like a sore thumb.

    My brothers and myself were in the military when Clinton was in office. I remember a lot of it.

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