John Lennon vs Bob Dylan

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  1. Who do you like better? I am split, they are both great.

    BTW I mean John Lennon after The Beatles split (his solo career)
  2. Bob dylan, I never really got into the beatles. I liked mor songs by bob dylan
  3. i've never heard lennon's solo stuff, although i loved the beatles, to compare dylan and the beatles though is odd as there music styles are so different IMO, but if i were to choose, it'd have to be bob dylan all the way
  4. Bob Dylan. Hands down. He is one of the best songwriters of all time. Brilliant, brilliant man.
  5. I've heard every album by each artist. dylan is the all time greatest songwriter.
  6. apples and oranges

    ....but im gonna have to go with dylan
  7. Thats a REALLY REALLY tough one. But i'm gonna have to go with Dylan. Dylan was probably one of the best song writers ever. His music was so powerful and inspirational, not to mention it sounded great. However, if you were talking about Lennon when he was with the Beatles, i'd have to say Lennon.
  8. they're both great, but I'm going to have to go with dylan,
  9. dylan man, no contest.

    even though if lennon were performing today i think he would be more coherent/intelligible in his concerts.
  10. Dylan man, he knows what he's talkin about, though I respect Lennon and his ways I think he just took to much LSD and pretty much went off the deep end, but he was still cool.
  11. i don't like to compare them because it's not as if they were competing against each other. they are both incredible musicians and helped mold their genre
  12. This is tough but im gonna have to go with lennon. His style is like nothing else and is what shaped the bacis of rock 'n' roll. I think that he made a bigger impact then dylan aswell.
  13. Excellent point man.
  14. Dylan. No doubt. Hes the single most important person in contemporary music

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