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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by pikku nälkä, Nov 3, 2014.

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  1. Famous organic youtuber John Kohler from the Growing Your Greens channel has just got his MMJ license and has just  made this video. Can't wait for him to start growing.

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  3. I wish everyone grew organic. I watched the entire video, and EVERYTHING used is organic. I have no idea what waktoo is talking about.
    everything shown is organic mixtures and compounds..

    I know people who grow organically and DO use those products.
  4. Veganics? Kyle K. is now promoting his VegaMatrix products!
    Oregon's Only Organics? Formerly Harvest Moon Organics in Eugene and now known as Harvest Moon Wellness Medical Marijuana Dispensary?
    Good luck!
  5. It is a lot of Fucking bottles.
  6. Just because it's outsourced by other people, it doesn't mean it's not organic! I know
    those products.
    by the logic of some of you, that would mean that taking an organic tomato and
    putting it into a jar means it isn't organic anymore. come on. use your brain.
    What's outsourced? This company is a reincarnation of Harvest Moon Organics...
  8. That mykos. I have some of that brand. Worked good on the vegetables, but read not so great for cannabis.
    Of course you don't...
    MEANING the GROWERS didn't make the mixture THEMSELVES. they BOUGHT it. ERGO the
    shit is OUTSOURCED organic products. follow along with the rest of the class please. thank
    Well, each grow is unique  and most people may use too much or too little of a product with not
    so pleasant effects.
    You have no idea what outsourced actually means do you?
    Thanks for sharing...
  12. Outersourcerered
  13. Here's the product list from Oregon's Only filed with Washington State Department of Agriculture.
    Ingredients are listed as mandated by Washington statue and regulations.
    Oregon's Only
    PO Box 7312
    Springfield, OR 97575
    Phone numbers available at link...
    <span><span>verb (used with object)</span></span>, <span><span>outsourced, </span></span><span><span>outsourcing. </span></span><span><span>1. </span></span><span>(of a company or organization) to purchase (goods) or subcontract (services) from an outside supplier or source. </span>
    thank you.

  15. My gardening supplies are outsourced, and my groceries in the fridge are outsourced imports. I'm having a few outsourced friends immigrate to my house today, too.
    Shit, my knowledge is outsourced. Why learn anything yourself when you can have someone else do it for you?
    on topic though, i wish i would have been taking notes.
    "you gotta feed the biologics", "boogie brix, that'll definitely give you some sweetness if you know what i mean", or my favorite "in my opinion, the plant needs so many more than the standard 3 (NPK) minerals that growers feed them"
    some quality stuff right there
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    And I'm gonna say TJ, like myself, didn't watch the video through to it's entirety. I've come across this goober's videos on youtube before and he has come up with some good advice and covers some useful techniques. He also spews a lot of crap and has a personality with which I don't agree, so it's hit or miss. It's cool he's finally gonna grow weed, somebody should direct him to this forum so his videos will be a little more informative and full of sound information. 
    Wow......lots of heavy metals in those well as phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid isn't very kind to fungal as well as  mycorrhizae networks and won't come anywhere near my plants.
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