John Frusciante

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  1. Anyone else on GC get blown away by John Frusciante's music?
  2. amazing guitarist, 2nd best of all time IMO, but im a huge RHCP fan so i might just be biased. i heard his solo shit is fantastic
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    undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians of all time. he's an amazing person and guitarist. given like ocho cinco, i am a die hard rhcp fan, i buy anything they record. I am DYING waiting for them to head back to the studio to start on the new album. those 4 were and are the biggest inspirations for me growing up, not knowing where i fit in the world. and i plan on buying the empyrean asap

    my favorites of his solo songs are the willl to death, time tonight, song to sing when i'm lonely, dying song, and leave all the days behind

    so great to find some other frusciante (as well as rhcp) fans!
  4. Closest thing we have to a modern day Jimi
  5. Burning one and tripping to his music is simply the best.
  6. Quick it fruh-SHAHN-tay or fruh-SHE-AHN-tay? :p
  7. I've always heard his name pronounced the fruh-SHAHN-tay way.
  8. Cool bro, i'm a fan of the peppers, it's a wonder how i've never listened to john's solo stuff before. Listenin to the Empyrean right now, definitely something I can toke to. Thanks :)
  9. Hell yeah Hyp! Shadows Collide With People is my favorite album, a lot of his stuff is pretty much the cats's pajamas though.
  10. murderers is awesome
  11. Oh man, so cool to see this thread!

    I am huge John fan. It started, of course, with the chili peppers. I have loved them since a young age but i have gotten into John's solo stuff within the last 2 years or so. His solo work is really one of a have to listen to it to understand. He approaches music from a totally unique angle.

    I love the albums Curtains, The Will to Death, and Inside of Emptiness. His newest album, The Empyrean, has become one of my all time favorites. Every weed smoker MUST hear this album from beginning to end! It is truly epic.
  12. Bringin' back the Frusciante thread! How 'bout it blades?
  13. He's always someone who I've consistently listened to throughout the years. My favortite overall musician. I don't think anyone mentioned it yet but he's not in the Chili Peppers anymore as of a week or two ago. Can't be disappointed though that just means more solo stuff from him, the Empyrean is one of my favorite albums of any genre.
  14. My biggest idol for about 6 or 7 years now. My favorite musician of all time. I think that the chili peppers will put out atl east one more album, because thats what anthony and chad were saying. but if not, they most likely will get another guitarist. because i still think they want to carry on the chili peppers.....but who knows :smoke:

    Happy New Year!
  15. RHCP will make more albums but not with him
  16. while i'm devastated that John left, i think it's fitting that he was replaced by one of his best friends. and josh and the chilis have history (he plays on tours). I'm really going to miss being able to listen to their music and knowing John, Anthony, Flea, and Chad all played together on it. But I guess that's the madness we call life.

  17. yeah, they've already started recording again, the album is supposed to come out late this year
  18. Frusciante is awesome. I love To Record Only Water for Ten Days & Niandra Lades.
    A Sphere in the Heart of Silence is also good stuff.
  19. His electronic stuff is also fucking amazing; with Josh Klinghoffer.
  20. Oh man, I cannot wait for his newer solo act! Though I will miss him with the classic RHCP...

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