John Frusciante

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Xaijiqq, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. i love his work with chili peppers on mothers milk and blood sugar sex.,

    but his solo work is so much better IMO. Niandra Lades and usually just a t-shirt.,smile from the streets u hold.,and to record water for only ten days, all has their own unique gems in them.

    I rarely hear him mentioned around at all, certainly a love/hate relation goin on with his songs, but i think very underappreciated.

    any fans?
  2. ur right and yes when he was heavy on heroin , i saw vids of him, trust me it wasn't something u would eat spaghetti to. Zia if u like his guitaring than i urge u to give his solo albums a listen.
  3. yes John frusciante is my idol, i love his chili pepper work ( mother's milk, blood sugar sex magic, californication and by the way) and i love his solo work equaly Niandre La Des and usually just a tshirt, (haven't heard from the streets that u hold) ,, i also love to record water in 10 days, shadows collide with people, the will to death and his other new albums, he just rocks, i am glad he didn't die from the heroin addiction he had, he's just a huge inspiration to me and my guitar playing. i thing still smoke cannabis, and i know Flea does, nice......

    Peace out dudes!
  4. I'm a big RHCP fan, and I love his work on those albums

    but the only solo album I've heard is shadows collide with people, and that was just yesterday... I must say I'm convinced, I'm planning on buying it soon, good stuff
  5. i think he is the coolest guitarist in the world. his work before his addiction was beautiful enough but his style wasnt fully developed yet. and i adore the albums he made with them after, as of now they are my absolute favorite band.

    i absolutely love smile from the streets you hold ( the songs that i have heard) i just hope to god he re releases it someday.

    all his work is SO FUCKING beautiful. if you look up the documentary made by johnny depp untitled #2 from niandra lades and usually just a t-shirt is in there, most people would look at that as just rubbish words and heroin junkie writing shit. but its so gorgeous and pure. he is my greatest inspiration as a musician along with anthony kiedis for my voice inspiration. JF's work is just so fucking pure, its no cover up, just soul. its beautiful.

    thanks john.
  6. I was never a huge fan of RHCP, but Frusciante's solo work is incredible. "Murderers" is a great song.

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