John Butler Anyone?

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    There's a bloke from my country who I feel deserves more recognition for some of his awesome songs.
    This is him playing an acoustic piece that is incredible.

    This one is a bit like the first, it starts slow and then has epic peaks. Stick with it until around 1:10 and you'll know what I mean.

    This last one has a bit more funk to it, not as inspirational as the other two but I still like it.

    Hope you enjoyed :)

  2. John Butler Trio is hella famous where I'm from man

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  3. at the record store last week I almost bought a cd of his but I didnt
    whats a good one? my friend really likes that band says they're pretty dope
  4. John Butler is my idol, his songs tell such a story even if there are no lyrics. Definetely deserves alot more recognition! His songs always put me in the greatest mood and make me love life that little bit more :smoke:
  5. If you dig his style, peep the song daniella by him, its rad!
  6. Saw JBT this past summer at a festival and they really impressed me. "Better Than" has been one of my favs ever since.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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