Joe Rogan - What is Reality?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by MrThoughtCrime, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. [ame=]Joe Rogan - What Is Reality - YouTube[/ame]

    New video by TheParadigmShift; I thought some blades would enjoy this :cool: :wave: :smoke:
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    I think exactly like him. Exactly. What the FUCK are dreams. Scientific people just give some lame explanation in terms of chemical processes but there is something more to dreams. They are amazing and weird movies produced by our brains.

    And How we interpret things is bizzare for sure....human interpretation is a wierd thing.
  3. Ive always said when Im on my deathbed (or possibly before I die) I would like to be shot in to a black hole just to see what is out there. I am 100% sure there will be other universes (universi?) or something that would blow your mind.
    I have asked my mom and girlfriend to do whatever they can to put me in a capsule and shoot me in to one before I die....

  4. Good luck with that
  5. this sounds like some ridiculously unobtainable goal that some goofball would have in a judd apatow movie lol.

    good to have dreams tho bro, im pullin for ya :smoke::smoke:
  6. a few joe rogan haters here, he's pretty much impossible to hate though because he has no direct attachments to any ideology and he doesn't preach anything that isn't logical, this podcast keeps me sane anyways i've said this before
    2 weeks without it and i start feeling alone with how i see the world

    what he says in this video, is exactly what i thought when i had an existential crisis (only lasted 10 minutes)
  7. What if we "thought" the universe into existence?
  8. lol i always find it funny that he hosted fear factor
  9. [quote name='"Leafin"']What if we "thought" the universe into existence?[/quote]

    What if we are all in the conscious of some alien from some other planet and he just imagined all this into existing im high
  10. tight vid, i think a lot bout this stuff to and have a lot of the same views as him... stuff like this makes me wonder how people can doubt an after life...not saying there is but still, the fact that were living at this moment in time and space and we have no fucking idea how we got here is insane yet people act SO sure that there is no after life and they have it figured out cause there science professor said so.
  11. I think dreams are things that happen in parallel universes..since everything that could ever happen already has then it would make sense that lots of great ideas and inventions came from dreams because it was already's funny that he talked about the akashic records because i've seen them trippin
  12. Awesome video....

    I've always wanted to write a paper on.....what triggers your thoughts???

    Where does the original thought come from??

    I like how Joe put it, all information is out there and is available to us & we are all antennas. It's just up to us when to focus in and receive that information.

    Thanks for that video, Joe Rogan for president!
  13. It tripped me out.
  14. Train by day! Joe Rogan Podcast by night! All Day!
  15. I've always thought that too, are any of our thoughts original? Where do thoughts come from? No thought is original if you really think of it, since every thought we have is based on some other thought which is not original.

    Thanks for sharing the vid, he's really evolved his viewpoints on reality. I already thought he was awesome but now I really love the guy. I want to marry him.

  16. So your saying that you believe in a 2000 year old ideology and not in 21st century science, the same science that allows you to waste hours talking with people from accross the world. You'd rather believe in a fairy tale as opposed to hard scientific proof? That proof being the theory of the big bang and the theory of evolution.

    Oh and do you still believe in the tooth fairy?
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    what are you talking about?? Why do you have to judge one's opinion, because it doesn't back up your own opinion? And why would you even involve the tooth fairy?

    all he was saying was there's SOOOO much out there, that we have no fucking idea how it works, or why its there in the first place. Nobody can argue that.

    We may think we know alot, but we know nothing.

    On an average day in a person's life, 90% of his day our current science cannot explain.

    He used the word "wonder", not knowing. Wondering & Imagination is one of the greatest gifts we have.

    All I'm saying is open your mind and eyes, we know very very very very very very very little, of all there is.
  18. You're pregnant with logical fallacies.

    Spirituality =/= Christianity :)

  19. 1. What would happen if you were shot into a blackhole is that your body would be torn apart atom by atom instantaneously.

    2. Scientists have already purposed the idea of the multiverse. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like.
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    lmao did you even read my comment? I don't believe in a 2000 year old ideology, and I know there is proof for the big bang and evolution, were did I say there wasn't? All I said is, as much as this hurts your clearly conditioned ways of thinking, that there is much of a possibility of their being a God/Afterlife as their is not. That doesn't mean you need to fall for the trap that is religion.

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