Joe Rogan talking to DEA agent

Discussion in 'General' started by MtHighToker, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. So I'm watching ufc fight night on spike tv and Joe Rogan is talking to some dea agent promoting dea season two

    Joe Rogan was interviewed on "The Union" so i thought this was pretty funny. I wonder what was going through his mind haha
  2. I just mentioned that in the MMA/UFC thread...

    Both times they have had DEA agents on their to promote the DEA show he has interviewed them... This time it looked like he was trying to not laugh. Everybody knows the dude smokes weed and he is always talking about how great DMT is.
  3. I actually think people who do drugs watch DEA more than people who don't anyway.

    They can relate to it, in a sense.
  4. Yah this is true. I've watched it once and i kept thinking "damn that would suck" for all of the people getting busted.
  5. I tend to watch a lot of cop type shows when I'm blazing. They're entertaining. :D
  6. Try out Dog the Bounty Hunter.

    So humane...until he goes on to one of his racist rants.
  7. Didn't see the UFC thread yet, but Joe Rogan trains under Eddie Bravo.

    Sounds like you guys know Rogan is a head, but for those that don't know about Eddie Bravo I'll highlight him for ya.

    Eddie Bravo is a longtime advocate of marijuana use, and credits marijuana to his ability to grasp and develop his style of jiu-jitsu in his book Mastering the Rubber Guard. He runs his school for 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu in Cali at Legends MMA.

    Some people only know him for his "Quatoof" video (look it up on youtube if you haven't seen it).

    Anyway, I'm gonna look up the Rogan/DEA interview. I wish Joe would have been more outspoken, but understandably he due to the network he works for he's gotta let that shit roll off.
  8. Pretty intersting
    but it wasn't really an interview, more like heres this guy from the dea to tell you guys about a new tv show haha
  9. [​IMG]

    Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan in High Times.
  10. Joe Rogan ftw!!

    anyone have a link to that interview?

    I no longer have dish at my house :[[
  11. agreed. me and all my stoners (friends) are always watchin that shit, adding our own, often hilarious, commentary
  12. Wow that's a sweet pic of the two. I knew Bravo was in HT a while back, never did see it. Gonna have to look into that one too.
  13. Yeah, there was two pictures taken. This was the other one:

  14. is that a container of pure keif?
  15. I think so... Or atleast thats what I've heard/read.

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