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Joe Rogan is Bomb

Discussion in 'General' started by Bob Loblaw Law, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. I just watched Joe Rogan's special on Netflix and that shit was the funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time. His style is fucking meant for stoners and he puts everything in a way that makes ya understand.:smoking:
  2. He is a chill dude no doubt.
  3. Hell yeah. And he's great on his ufc commentary, unlike his partner.
  4. LOl its just with any sport rogans the colors guy and the other guy handles the play by play, hes not supposed to have funny commentary, thats where rogan comes in:p

  5. I enjoyed reading that dude. And I must be way out of the loop cause I had no Idea about the Michael Phelps thing. Search youtube about JR theres a bunch of videos of him talking about really cool shit.
  6. yea man hes cool he takes ghb and chills in the depravation chamber tell me that aint g
  7. I dont NOT like the man, i mean he seems like a real down to earth dude, but whats with the "swearing like a 12 year old"???
    He's funny, intelligent and witty (just finished reading the Kellogs letter) but he throws around the F word like all children do when they barely learn it! cuz it makes them look cool :rolleyes:

    He.s good in my book tho, the GHB + deprevation tank seems "interesting" :smoking:
  8. for me the swearing just puts more emphasis on what he's saying and joe sounds like a really passionate guy too (no homo) but if you hear him talk about weed or ufc or shit he likes. You can really tell

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