Joe Rogan interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson - Podcast

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  1. This HAS to go into Pandora's box and you know why.

    It's Joe Rogan and deGrasse Tyson! 'Nuff said! :hello:

    [ame=]JRE #310 - Neil deGrasse Tyson, Joe Rogan, Brian Redban - YouTube[/ame]

    I just started listening to it (20 minutes in).

    They're talking conspiracies...
  2. Holy shit - It's like a showdown. They both won't stand down and they're really digging into shit. :eek:
  3. Gets better after they drop the moon stuff.
  4. im still not a big fan of joe rogan and this video didn't help. I don't like the former host of fear factor to be the face of a movement towards legalizing weed and talking about psychadellics and such. It seems so strange, however, Neil degrasse Tyson is my main man, if you havent watched his interview/Q&A with colbert on youtube its a hoot. No one can combine philosophy and science like tyson and make it fun and entertaining
  5. THIS. Get past the moon shit and it gets good. I'm far in and Tyson is schooling him. But Joe's not stupid. Just... Set it his ways? Afraid to admit he's wrong? I don't know...

    But it's good. Very revealing stuff from deGrasse Tyson.
  6. Joes podcast are the bomb. tuning in.
  7. the moon stuff gives interesting insight into how both of them think, i agree more with joe though
  8. It was a great podcast. I feel as though there were many other topics they could have talked about..

    It's not everyday you get to have a conversation with an Astrophysicsist
  9. I don't think neil degrasse tyson is working for the man I just think his view is clouded with excessive science and emotion
  10. 1:23 - 'I don't know they sell banks or some shit.' lmao
  11. NDT made 2 fart puns. My life is complete.
  12. NDT is one of the best shills I have listened to. Good job that Rogan ain't giving up.
  13. is he really a shill? it did seem like that at some points in the video
  14. I'd say set in the ways goes both ways.

    Joe has his ways, but so does Tyson. Sometimes Joe is just being silly and Tyson is intent on showing him why he's wrong.

    Joe is a comedian, Tyson is a scientist... Joe makes jokes, Tyson doesn't recognize it the way a humor minded person would, and he goes off on some in depth reason why the joke was wrong.
  15. hes not always like that. I'm subscribed to startalk and normally he has a guest and its some kind of scientist(varying fields) and a comedian(normally eugene murman) so of course jokes are said. dont recall any times he ever gets into such an in depth explanation on a joke. might just be cuz joe is a bit out there since he takes hallucinogens.
  16. I really don't see why this is in the box, I learned so much shit. Yeah, they talk about conspiracies, bfd.
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    I'm having trouble finding the significance of your complaint. :confused:

    I put it in The Box. The thread is about a video.

    I don't see the significance.

    Did you watch the video? Did you like it?

    One man is a conspiracy theorist, one is an Astrophysicist.

    Belongs in the box. But why the red herring?
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    Yeah man I loved the video, it's just I don't think as many people will see it in the box. Like I hardly ever go in the box but loved this shit.

    Didn't mean to sound like an ass or anything.
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    Nah, you're good. :)

    I honestly thought The Box would be the best place, because the video is a clash between 2 strong-minded individuals - both on somewhat opposite ends of the spectrum.

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