Joe Rogan For President

Discussion in 'General' started by itsdoable, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Bill Clinton Could Be The Vice :cool:
  2. man... joe rogan couldn't be president. that guy does way too many hallucinogens. He couldn't be trusted.
  3. Joe Rogan is an idiot.
  4. the day joe rogan gets elected, is the year the world gets nuked.

  5. most people in politics cannot be trusted and they are probably sober
  6. Hes a funny ass comedian.. I have both his stand up specials and I watch them at least once a month...
    "Vaginas are gonna have to grow too.... two ... three... hundred times the size they are now"
  7. I was watching "Joe Rogan & Bryan Callen on Haters and Inspiration " and I thought that was good and yeah his stand up is good as well to me at least.

  8. He doesnt do them as much as people think he hasnt done dmt in years.
  9. hell ya fear factor is comin back
  10. If anybody should become president, it should obviously be Brock Lesnar.:devious:

    Ain't nobody gonna fuck with that guy. Hell, we wouldn't even have to have an army anymore, Lesnar himself would just walk straight into enemy territory, catch every bullet and rocket launched at him, turn them around and toss them straight back at the attackers. He will then proceed to the headquarters of the enemy and personally shove a floor lamp up the enemy leader's ass.

    Only then, will we finally have peace.
  11. Seeing as we seem to be having a comedy nominations thread...

    I nominate myself.

    I mean its not like you need to be a US citizen to be President anymore is it?
  12. Well, to your credit, you say you're French. And it is well known that your country wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for the French.

    I could see that working out. :D
  13. British actually... My location merely says I'm in France. I'm a filthy, job-stealing, money-grabbing, immigrant (boo-hiss)...:cool:

    And no, I don't get voting rights here either...

    Having said that, I'm sure I wouldn't do as bad a job as Sarko, Obama or Cameron... Then again, nor would Joe Rogaine, or whatever his name is.
  14. The problem with the government system in the States, as well as Canada, is that the Senate/House of Commons has to have a say in what goes on in accordance to laws and regulations.

    So therefore it is not Obama's fault for anything that didn't go as he promised, as he has had serious opposition to his ideals, making it that much harder for him to get anything done.

    For Canada, we have had the first majority government in years, finally. If you follow Canadian politics (doubt it :p) you will find that for the last decade, all that has been going on is a struggle for power. The Liberals (Democrats in US terms) just constantly bitched about not being in power and fought every single change that Harper, our current PM, has been trying to implement. Thanks to that, the Liberals, once the most respected party in Canada, fell so short of seats in the House of Commons that they aren't even the opposition, the NDP is (Socialist party, but with Conservative views in some cases).

    Now that Harper has the majority government, things in this country will finally start to change, and I'm looking forward to it, despite his stance on marijuana.
  15. Dude sucks announcing for UFC...and is kind of a douchebag. U really want him as president?
  16. Sorry I was having a moment after listening to an audio piece he did that I liked alot lol

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