joe from MA

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  1. right now im baked. i don't smoke weed that much. but when i do. i go all in.
    i have started growin. i am a narcoleptic. i do bad in school that doesn't mean im screwed. i ran a "black market" in my old boarding school selling e cigs. weed. THC concentrate. nothing hardcore though, even though i have beeen on that path. (when i was 15) i am a loving pot head, do you want a hug ?? :D
  2. What part of Mass are you from? I'm originally from there I just moved out to Cali a few months ago.
  3. north attlebroro
  4. Welcome. Im over in Malden :wave:
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    hell yeah! we live one hour away lol
  6. I lived in a little town north of you guys haha I bet you haven't even heard of it. I was a hop, skip and a jump away from NH. Welcome to GC, bro.
  7. hey man...i am very close to charlestown & cambridge..its kinda quiet around here, well until classes start i guess
  8. bred, i might know you. then again. im really stoned.

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