Joe biden in 2008: “if obama comes for my beretta, he’s got a problem”

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  1. Joe Biden is colossal idiot and it's scary that he is so close to the White House.
  2. Biden is the male democrat version of Sarah Palin.
  3. Biden got a big enough payoff to flip his position, two terms as VP.

    Besides you don't think any of the new gun control laws coming are going to affect the politicans, the rich or hollywood's elite do you?

    You can't enslave a free people until you disarm them.
  4. people have been saying that obama is going to take there guns away ever since he first got elected.well,4-5 years later.people still have them

  5. He'll use the tragedy of Sandy Hook to try and push the issue. "It's for the children!!!" They used the same slogan to keep drugs illegal. Don't you just love recycling.
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    wtf has biden done?
    hes rarely in the news, can anyone name one thing hes done/accomplished as vp?

    i feel like cheney was running shit during the bush years. Biden seems to just be vacationing there, will advising obama every now and then maybe?

    but uh i dont think obama is coming for your beretta. if there is going to be gun control it will be assault rifles..

  7. Your dreaming.
    this is the Illinois bill. There are at least ten anti-gun bills being readied in Congress.

    In Illinois, John Cullerton, Illinois State Senate president, is pushing an assault weapons legislation that will ban all pump action shotguns, semi-automatic pistols and rifles; including antique rifles such as the M-1 Grand used in WW II. Cullerton is focused on labeling as many guns as assault weapons, according to the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) who is announcing this information based on “a credible source”.
    Feinstein Gun Control Bill Requires Fingerprint Registration & Confiscation | OCCUPY CORPORATISM

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