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  1. So basically this is a thread for people to talk about their dream job and current job..Tell me about all the jobs you've had and which one you liked the most :). Do you blaze at work?

    I have no idea what i would like to do in the future (just finished final school year) but i currently work at a bottle shop, and i have recently applied for 2 different apprenticeships, one involving IT and another involving working on power lines. I have also been to an interview for a supermarket.. hoping to get a decent job to earn some moolah during next year.
  2. My dream job is the one Im already working for
  3. Current Job: One of two partners at a software development firm here in LA.

    Dream Job: Expanding our business across the U.S. and eventually make it into a multinational.
  4. whats that man?
    ah nice man good luck i hope you can make something of it

  5. Thanks, hope you succeed too ;)
  6. Firefighter.

    Im also trying to get into different business ventures.
  7. I hear there's money to be made in Venture Capital and Private Equity.
  8. Current Job: lol
    Dream Job: Doing something exciting, maybe firefighting (just saying that because shroom is one and im high and it seems like a good idea), or a budtender/dispencery owner. Or possibly doing shit like Rob Dyrdek, and people of that type that don't really have a job, they just do their "job" which is live their daily lives and get recorded, and get loads of money doing it.
  9. Current Job: Unemployed

    Dream Job: Public defender, possibly a private defense attorney eventually.
  10. ah nice nice good on you saving lives!
  11. Current: Hustlin'
    Dream: Welding in a metal fabrication shop (hopefully soon)
  12. Thanks man. I already saved one so far. Sadly it seems some here dont like firefighters much..
  13. My dream is not to have a job.
  14. I wanna be an ice cream man when prop 19 passes. I would make so much bank selling munchies :D

  15. fall in walmart and get disability for the rest of your life. ;).
  16. Dream job?
    RSPCA compliance officer/inspector

    Current: Call centre worker ( :( )/OHS representative/Student.
  17. i used to be the assistant manager at a movie theater, now im in the final stages of becoming a firefighter. Ive wanted to do this my whole life. It sucks that they're strict on bud, but when you think about it, do you really want to rely on a high guy to come save you? haha
  18. Current job: Receptionist/Student
    Dream job: Scriptwriting. Although anything in film or journalism would make me just as happy
  19. Current job: student/ pawn star/ chaffeur

    Best job: Hockey camp counselor. Get paid to play games.
  20. I'm unemployed. I have an interview for Subway University on Monday.

    I have no idea what my dream job would be. Haven't figured that out yet.

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