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Jobs working alone

Discussion in 'General' started by umadson, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I just want a job where I can do my own thing. Working quietly by myself. Any ideas/experiences?
  2. Overnight security guard.
  3. you could sit in front of your web cam and jerk off for a bunch of gay guys...........it is what you do anyways all day long. All you have to do is just webcam it to gay guys who will pay sand you got yourself a job.
  4. Haha, both good suggestions.

    When I used to work on air-conditioning units, I was alone the whole time. It used to be pretty peaceful, if you're into manual labor. You pretty much never have to interact with your co-workers if you roll that way. It's nice to socialize between jobs though. :D

    Don't go for construction though. Even small scale has teams of at least 10 dudes.
  5. the only thing that makes the work day go by quicker is bullshittin with your coworkers who you know dont wanna be there just as much as you

  6. true true, but I feel what the dudes saying like.. I don't like workin with people all day long, putting up with the bullshit, and all that. It's better to work alone most the time anyway. Listen to music, be baked, whatever.
  7. Delivery driver. Just poppin in and out to pick up or deliver and then u can just cruise and listen to music mostly
  8. ^ yeah that was my fav job
  9. Like alot of people said, delivery drivers, night security guards, front desks, over night shifts at hotels are usually pretty dead, data entry work, different tech jobs.
  10. i know some guy who works for facebook. he works from home and gets paid a lot.
  11. Night auditor at a hotel. I worked front desk at a hotel, never did overnight but the girl who I would relieve would tell me about her nights. She'd bring in a mini DVD player and watch movies after her paperwork was done. It's really easy and you rarely have to deal with guests.
  12. Sorry if your serious but, it's pure fantasy. Go to school, get a BA or better, and save.
  13. It may sound weird but i just want a job working at a graveyard. Working alone at night in my own solitude. Not to mention i would probably sneak off and burn some doobage on the job.. Sounds like my dream job. :D
  14. You can always be your own boss... then you can smoke when you want and you'll be much happier. Just gotta get that degree under your belt.
  15. If you can make a website you can be the owner of your own company.

    Your website is completely up to you, and you can always find free help to create/maintain the website.
  16. Nah not really, if you get a few guys who are fairly skilled(enough to do the plumbing, electricity, painting, etc. of the building) then it works fine, you don't need a crew of 10 plus people for every job.

    That being said, you're right about it not being right for this guy, it requires too much teamwork and coordination of labour
  17. I do some different landscaping jobs for my elderly neighbor and it's great. Blaze up at home, pop in the iPod, walk 5 feet to her yard and get lost in my own little world for a while.

    Also, I've been doing some warehouse work and I'm alone all the time.

    I can't help you with finding a 9-5 where you're alone all day, but if you're a college kid like me, there's some pretty decent summer jobs out there.

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