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jobs with pee pee tests

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brodjingles, Apr 11, 2004.


Do you have a job with random drug screening?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. How many of you peeps out there have jobs with random piss tests?
  2. lol im just starting to work in a hospital, i had to take one urine test and a blood test... thankfully i was clean from being dry of tree but i dunno if they will give me a random screening
  3. what kinds of jobs have the least chance for using drug screening?
  4. i work at walgreens, (never get a job there it sux), but had to take a drug test to get hired, but they dont have random drug test, jus had to do it once to get hired.
  5. my boss/owner tokes with me
  6. Most places that are chains, like Target, wallgreens, wal-mart, Ralphs, sears, etc. drug test at the begining to get the job. But i've never heard of them actually giving random drug screenings after people have been employed there. They can legally do it but most people who they would drug test are people who drugs are affecting them at work, and most of those people get fired for not showing up. Places that are franchises and local business mostly don't drug test since its expensesive to do and they can weed out the drug addicts normally before they do any damage. Places where on your first day you will be working with large amount of money like retail, grocerystores, pharmacy, etc. have more to lose so they drug test.
  7. UA tests arn't expensive. They got at home ones that are cheap.
  8. i dont need a job,im gettin like $3000 a month from dissabilaty(sp?) and so long as im in school i dont gotta pay rent
  9. Military so the answer is obvious

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