Jobs/ what do u do for money? any automotive ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Spillmabong, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I am a new guy here, well not real new but I have been lurking for many many months.

    I have been a little confused with my life lately and would love the opinions of some fellow tokers. I need a career, and school has always been tough for me. Not the learning part but just sitting in a class listening to some stupid bastard ramble on for an hour or two. I am an exellent self taught mechanic and super evil self proclaimed genius. hehe well at least the mechanic part is true. I am 23 years old and caught in a bind, I don't know what to with my life. I am gonna just suck it up and go to automotive school and become certified but most auto places have problems with some one who smokes. I guess I should give it up and just grow up? But I would rather not, fuck the system. Its time to change this outlook on how employers and their insurance companies look at marijuna. (ok, end of stoned ranting: sorry) What does every one else do for money? I am currently a former life insurance sales man turned cook at the local sonic drive in.

    5.25/hr owns me
    but here is a bunny with a pancake on its head

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  2. I work at my local K-Fart for a whopping $7.50 an hour. I have a co-op class with my highschool, so I can get more hours every week. Good thing is they don't have a problem with "skeevy stoners" like myself....
  3. Welcome to the City! I'm an IT Manager/Network Administrator by trade. ;)
  4. im droping outta college after this semester, prbly go to a community college get a job and then ill be moving to cali with my friend, and from there who knows, were prbly gonna try and open a store.

  5. ....sounds like you've answered your own question...go with your strengths....and how will 'givin up' make you 'grow up'?...

  6. Its will not make me grow up..... I was just quoting my dad. He can't talk to much, he tokes alot more then I do. I registered for school and I have decided just to ignore everyones feelings and thoughts about the way my life will go. Its mine and I will do what I want with it. Still looking for some people in the automotive biz. How is everything? Pay, benifits, avalibilty? I hope with in the next few years I will have a full race campian going for IDRA. Anyway, this board kicks ass!

  7. You remind me a lot of a roommate I used to have. Actually we're splitting an appartment next semester. But he sounds almost the same. He loves anything to do with cars and racing. The guy knows more than I ever thought possible about cars, but he hates school. He would try though, he worked harder than I did as far as studying goes, but it was obvious that he wasn't enjoying it. He quit school and is currently working for Dell, but I think he would like to finish college. I know he has struggled a lot with the whole "what do I do with my life" question. I guess the only advice I could give to you, or anyone for that matter, is to do what you enjoy. If you have mechanic skills and enjoy that, then look around and see what your options are. Find what you think you would enjoy doing most, and figure out what it will take to get you there. Good Luck!
  8. I work retail hell trying to put myself through school. I usually have a 2 bowl lunch just to get throught the day
  9. i am a stolk boy for a local establishment kown as trucchis. with my amazing salary of 6.95 and hour, i buy all the weed i want. fortunetly my store does not do drug testing ori would be screwed.
  10. Man I feel for you. I been going through the same shit. Im only eighteen and i feel like i should be heading in some dierection. I really hate my college right now, i don't know if I was ready for it. The school part is definetly the easy shit but simply just going to class and listening to some dumb fuck who think they know everything about everything is the hardest.

    I am also thinking about taking a year or two and simply exploring. I really don't see what I want to do in life. Im also thinking the same thing and planning on learning a manual job like carpentry or welding. Ive only had one job in my life and i hated it also. I was looking at a hydroponics shop to a get a job, that would be awsome.

    Man all I can say is your not the only one out there feeling like that and I also realize that too. I can't give any advice cause I don't have any.
  11. the second i get a car im gonna be out stealing peoples tires and peoples gasoline and selling it for 100% profit thats the kinda automotive buisness you should get into ;)

  12. Man, thats not cool. I hate people who steal!
  13. Where is South Texas are you from?
  14. ok, ok...where to begin...:)

    i have the same school problems.... i still go, im 20 going to a commiunity school for my (supposed to be last semester)there's prob gonna be one more... i also can't stand sitting in class for hours of my day sitting there re learning things i already knew from highschool and things that i honestly don't give a rats ass about...
    but as i sit there i also realize that, with in this world today.... there's no fucking way of living with out a degree or certification in a trade.... cause no education means no money... and personally after i live my life, i really dont wanna have to live of social security.... gotta plan now..

    I know plenty of people that work in mechanic shops.....and they're all either drunks, burnouts.... or recovering.... so stick to doing what makes you happy as well as something that entertains you, with out that your stuck at a job that you never want to go to and its pure hell...

    i work at a liqour store selling fine wines and spirits for $11 an hr.... i only get paid so much cause i know a great deal about everything in that store, new products and in general about alcohol.... my job is to sell people stuff that would best suit there tastes and im good at it, though i could never imagime myself working there past school....

    i go to school so i can land a better job, i have an emphasis in business management and either wanted to open a resturant/bar or go into the marketing field, being in ny thats whats hott :D

    anyway, do what makes you happy and what doesn't want to make you go out and shoot the nearest person around you.
  15. after reading this thread, i find myself deeply depressed

  16. Por que?

    I am intrested in the automotive field because that is all I can think about besides women. I have all these crazy ass Ideas and no way to express them, besides I want to work with my hands till I can not anymore. I know alot of people that are burnouts too in the auto biz but that is a small minority of peeps in the buisness. Some exp. techs a dealerships start at $40,000 and some make as much as $100,000 a year just depending on were you werk and how deticated you are .

    I am located in San Antonio, Tx
  17. obvious reasons, in the same boat as me :) i could have gone to school, and as a matter of fact i did, 3 times, it just never worked out for me. i never maintened the mental discipline. i have a job now, doing tech support, i hate it, but it pays the bills. i could be doing better, but i attribute a lot to not having the motivation to want to do better. ill prolly enroll in some online classes. i too have a problem listening to what someone thinks is the right way, i challenge to much, must be the stoner mentality. but mostly i feel do what makes you happy, dont fall into what society says is right and wrong, you can make that choice.

  18. Sonic. Man, they play Sonic commericals all the time here. The food looks awesome and I'd LOVE to go get some munchies there, but guess what? Theres not a Sonic within 400 miles of where I live. WTF is with that? Why would they advertise something that does not exist in this area?

    Anyway, I'm 24 and I buy and sell certain expensive items on the wholesale market. Been doing it for 3 years. Currently make approx. $25 per hour before commissions. So I make about $55,000 per year w/ commissions. I work about 6 hours a day behind a desk in Manhattan. Its boring, but I get to play with lots of money.:D I also have the benefit of working for my Father so I pretty much make my own hours and take off when I want to. Things are on the up and up, and within the next 5 years my dad will retire and the business will be mine. Then I'll finally be making the big bucks.:)

    The only advice I can give you is to look for a job more related to your hobbies. You will enjoy it much more. And quit wasting your time at Sonic. You are only holding yourself back. Look for a job now and be aggressive when you go on interviews. Pretty much, just make the employer like you. Do whatever it takes. Unfortunately in todays economy, jobs are scarce. But you should find something. Good luck. I hope everything works out for you.
  19. Education is the Key.
    If your Looking to get into the Automotive biz ASE cert's are the way to go if you want to make any kind of money at it. They are quite expensive to take the test for them, but, well worth the money. I Currently run a small Shop and before that was a Army Diesel Tech. I have no Cert's so I don't make squat really, but I am looking into a better Job at the moment
  20. i'm a live-technician freelancer so my monthly income varies a bit. in the high season it's very good, and in the low season it's not so good. but at least then i got time to spend the money i've earned on beer and herb :)

    generally i got a 4 jobs in one thing going...

    - lights-engineer for rock-bands. 'bout 250$ a gig, get to smoke and drink whilst working, so that's fun. not to mention travelling and meeting cool people
    - big-screen engineer for all kinds of events. this is paid either on a gig or hourly basis (ca. 30$ an hour). varies. but still good
    - sound-engineer for conferences and smaller events where there are no instruments involved. i'm a crappy sound engineer if it gets complicated, so i keep it simple. this is paid by the hour.
    - animation, flash programming and video-editing. this is projects that take some time and pay real good, but it eats too much of my freetime when working big projects, so i keep it down when busy with lights/big-screen techie work.

    and in beetween i chill :) and play battlefield 1942 when not making music or hanging at the pub...

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