Jobs Vs. Zags

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  1. Which one should I start investing my money on. The jobs burn so good I love them vs the zag ultra thin that's all natural, less paper taste and kind of easier to roll.
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  2. No to jobs! Get some raw cones and see the difference.

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  3. You get the best bang for your buck with jobs, theyre like 99 cents, on the other hand if you can afford to spend more you should buy some RAWs like the guy above me said i bought a pack once and they burned sooo slow. you won't be disappointed.
  4. Why would anyone get a job and then burn it? You will be back to collecting unemployment in no time!
    Plus... if you burnt down your place of employment you're probably going to jail for arson...
  6. Never used RAWs, but I can say that I hate jobs, and I love zig zag ultra thins. Definetly my favorite paper.
  7. I have Raws, Jobs, Elements, and Bambus in my rotation. Why limit yourself to one brand? Get several and switch them up. Right now I'm in a pack of the Raws, and next I'm going to use a book of Bambus. Totally different kind of experience. Keeps things fresh? Kind of like smoking different strains instead of always having the one.
  8. zig zag ultra thin is deifiantly my fav, but raw cones go hard, had a pack a jobs and tha worst dollar i ever spent, 
  9. check out "smoking" papers, I prefer the green "hemp" ones
    thin, easy to roll, and barely any taste
  10. I think jobs burn phenomenal!

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  11. shieet thats all you homie. we all have opinions 
  12. Anyone else feel RAW is overrated and all hype? Same thing with everyone going to hemp wick instead of lighters.. All hype, not any healthier. 
    Long as your papers aren't bleached you're straight.
  13. I don't think raws would be any good if they're anything like elements

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    Random, but I just accidentally lit a paper on fire with no bud in it and that shit burned up in a split second... Really puts in perspective how fast a joint burns compared to blunt or bowl.
    Also I did a little experiment and  rolled a hollow joint using two papers and the two paper burned much slower (but slightly more uneven) than a single paper. Many people say thinner paper joint will burn longer but I just disproved that. Or i'm just really high wasting papers
  15. I think they've done a test about that on YouTube and zag ultra thin burned the slowest with less ash

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  16. I'm on a pack of jobs and I'm liking them just as good as zig zags.
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    Ugg no jobs they burn faster than tbe herb? Get yourself some hemp paper brother. Raws preferably the organic ones!
  18. Zig zag ultra thins. They burn a little bit faster than raws but they don't go out in between hits.
  19. Jobs are pretty good cigarette paper.  I will only get them if I am on the rush and there is no other papers available at the place I am.
    But Raws are what I roll with.
  20. Job 1.25 is my 'standard' rolling paper. I genereally can get a pack and not waste one paper on a failed joint. Rarely do they run and they are some easy smoking papers.
    As for being the best I wouldnt go that far, but still some overall well made papers.

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